Makerbot Reboot Illustrates the Need for P2P Collab

MakerBot Lab

We’ve seen it innumerable times in the past. Open source projects launch, the community gets all excited and then…WONK! Wonk! Waaah…the software is dead on arrival. If the last few years have taught us anything it’s that open source fails are not only annoying but potentially disastrous. In 2017, hackers took advantage of the heavily-flawed OpenSSL software library Heartbleed, making … Read More

The History & Future of Virtual Private Networks

Networking Data Center

A lot of people nowadays enjoy the security that a good VPN provides, but most don’t know how it all began. Today, we’re taking a quick trip down memory lane. The Beginning of Internet Security VPN (virtual private network) technology has been in development for quite some time. Once the internet became viable, companies like Microsoft knew that they would … Read More

The State of Mobile Privacy as We Head Into 2018

taking photo anonymously

2017 was a bad year for personal privacy. If you’re one of the 190 million plus smartphone users residing in the US, you may have been hacked. If not, you more than likely got duped by a fake app. More than 1.5 million new incidents of mobile malware have been detected by McAfee Labs, bringing us up to a staggering … Read More

REPORT: New mass surveillance law in Australia limits personal freedom

turnbull new mass surveilance program 2017 2018 australia

Federal and state police will be given real-time access to passport, visa, citizenship and driver’s licence images for a wide range of criminal investigations – not just identifying terrorism suspects – following agreement between federal, state and territory leaders. Malcolm Turnbull told reporters the facial biometric matching agreement signed off by the Council of Australian Governments on Thursday was not a … Read More