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Best Investment Apps in Australia

By Will Ellis
Last Updated on March 23, 2024
Edited by Adam Turner
Fact checked and reviewed

When asked, Warren Buffett said he wouldn’t buy all the bitcoin in the world for twenty-five dollars. Why? “It doesn’t produce anything,” he said

By comparison, he said if everyone in the room, in which he held this talk, owned “all the farmland in the United States” (or the same for all US apartments), he would write them a $25 billion check right there to gain just a 1% stake.

So keep in mind what investment means while we review the best investment apps on the market. 

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How We Choose Our Platforms 📚

When it comes to finances, you may have noticed that the world is increasingly becoming strained by debt. Today, the most powerful investment for stability that you can make may be to invest in things that you need to live and thrive – instead of using the financial markets. 

Make sure to check out the buying guide section, for an example of a wise investment (there’s a reason why Australia’s farmland is spiking like crazy in cost). But without further ado, let’s check out some of the most popular investment apps used today in Australia.

1. eToro – Overall Best Investment App in Australia

eToro is a global investment platform that was launched in 2012 and has since then grown to become the largest and most trusted social investing network.

Its goal is to be the go-to place for everyone interested in trading assets. It’s built a robust social trading platform that allows users to follow and copy each other’s trades, chat and learn from experts.

Social trading

eToro’s social trading functionality makes it a unique place to learn and meet new people. Users can look to each other for inspiration and advice on the best strategies to use in different markets.

etoro logo

eToro AUS Capital Limited AFSL 491139. eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk. See PDS and TMD.

You can invest in stocks, ETFs and crypto. The company was launched in 2012 and has since then grown to become the largest and most trusted social investing network. eToro allows users to trade in a wide number of assets including stocks.

eToro’s social trading functionality makes it a unique place to learn and meet new people. Users can look to each other for inspiration and advice on the best strategies to use in different markets.

Is it Safe to Invest in eToro?

In short, yes, only from a digital security and legislative standpoint. Investing in the markets is ironically not the most powerful form of investment, compared to communities, families, and being able to grow your own food or do things like build a house and make repairs.

eToro is a fully-integrated trading platform that connects investors with the world’s largest investment networks. The platform claims to have more than 14 million users and has been around since 2012.


  • Global investment network 
  • Social trading platform that allows users to copy other traders


eToro AUS Capital Limited AFSL 491139. eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.

eToro AUS Capital Limited ACN 612 791 803 AFSL 491139. Social trading. eToro does not approve or endorse any of the trading accounts customers may choose to copy or follow. Assets held in your name. Capital at risk. See PDS and TMD.

This communication is intended for information and educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice or investment recommendation. Past performance is not an indication of future results.

Crypto assets are unregulated & highly speculative. No consumer protection. Capital at risk.may not suffice as basis for investment decision.

2. InvestSMART – Popular Investment App in Australia

InvestSMART is a digital investment account that allows you to invest your savings in stocks, bonds, and other securities. 

Similar to a mutual fund or trust, you can invest your money in various securities. InvestSMART works by helping you create an investment portfolio.


The account is managed by experts, who evaluate your investment choices and then invest your money according to their selection. There’s no middleman and no fees, so it’s an extremely cost-effective way to invest. 

The account is supposedly managed by experts, who evaluate your investment choices and then invest your money according to their selection. No fees are charged, and the management fee is allegedly charged only if your portfolio grows – but be sure to check first! 


  • Cost-effective approach to speculation
  • Invest your savings in stocks, bonds, and other securities
  • There’s allegedly no middleman

3. Raiz Invest – Overall Top Investment Apps in Australia Choice

Raiz Invest is a technology-driven asset management platform that provides investors with a range of investment products, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, hedge funds, debt funds and more.

It partners with more than 150 investment advisors to provide access to investment products that align with your investment goals. Raiz Invest first launched in 2016 and unveiled its crypto-asset offering in 2018.

Raiz Invest is the brainchild of San Diego-based Raiz Invest, Inc., a fintech provider that has been in operation since 2016. Its core product is a digital investment platform that connects investors with a network of financial advisors, who can help them build a robust investment portfolio. 

The app’s stated goal is to help users find the best financial advisors by highlighting those advisors who meet their investment goals.

How Does Raiz Invest Work?

To start investing, you first need to sign up with Raiz Invest. You will then be able to search for financial advisors near you.

Once you find an advisor that you’re interested in working with, you can connect with them through the app. Then, you can walk your new financial advisor through your investment goals and financial profile, so they can help you build a robust investment portfolio. 

Investors can have a wide range of investment options on the platform, thanks to Raiz Invest’s partnership with more so many financial advisors. And there are a variety of investment products available, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and hedge funds.


  • Subjected to rigorous and consistent regulation
  • Wide range of investment products
  • Transparent fee structure

4. Spaceship Voyager – Leading Investment App in Australia

Spaceship Voyager is an investment management firm that promises to provide you with access to the buying and selling of securities and commodities

Its stated goal is to help investors make decisions about which companies to buy and sell, as well as manage their portfolios.

Investors can buy shares in companies, and when the price goes up, they sell it and make a profit.

Spaceship Voyager also offers robo-advisory services. This means you don’t have to find the time to research stocks, and are instead left in the hands of a robot. This is a great option for busy investors who have limited time to research stocks.

How Does Spaceship Voyager Work?

Investors pay a percentage of their portfolio’s value to Spaceship Voyager. They then place their investments in one or more securities.  At the end of each year, investors get a report that tells them how their investments performed. This report can help them make better investment decisions in the future.


  • Low-cost investments – although there is some complexity 
  • Comprehensive financial advice
  • Spaceship Voyager offers trading 24/7

5. CommSec Pocket – Interesting Investment App in Australia

CommSec Pocket is the very first registered investment company that provides financial products and services through a mobile app.

CommSec Pocket was launched in 2014, and within the first year of operation, it was one of the top-performing investment companies and also the first choice of more than 1 million Australians.

CommSec Pocket was founded by David Donegan and Gary Rook. CommSec Pocket began as a platform to provide financial products and services to the public in a convenient way.

How Does It Work?

CommSec Pocket lets you invest in a variety of financial products and funds that provide returns of around 10% per year. With CommSec Pocket, you can invest small amounts of money roughly ($5–$4000) that you can make at any time. 

You can make regular contributions to your investment account by transferring funds from your bank or credit card. CommSec is available to Australians 18 or older. Like traditional stockbroking operations, CommSec Pocket acts as an intermediary between investors and businesses. 


  • Alleged annual returns of around 10%
  • Offers long-term investment options
  • Fund via direct deposit, electronic funds transfer, or cash

6. CMC Markets – Well-Known Investment Apps in Australia Choice

CMC Markets is owned by The Van Eck Corporation, which has been in business since the 1930s. 

It is an investment firm that focuses on stocks. In fact, it is one of the oldest brokers of stocks and bonds, and has been a member of the New York Stock Exchange since the 1940s.

CMC Markets is an online trading broker that caters to a variety of trading markets. This means that you won’t find only one kind of trading on this platform. It makes it easy for traders to find the type of market they want to trade from.

How Does CMC Markets Work?

Its app focuses on CFDs which are contracts for differences. Through this vehicle, you can trade shares, commodities, and indices. You can buy these contracts and sell them at any time. When you sell the contract, you get the price you bought it for. When you buy a contract, you can decide how long you want to stay in the contract.

CMC Markets offers trading via its website and apps for both Android and iOS. It does not have a physical office. Instead, it has a call centre to handle client service needs. 


  • Multiple trading markets 
  • Allegedly no trading fees – but you do pay the spread
  • Apps for both Android and iOS

7. SelfWealth – Well-Known Investment App in Australia

SelfWealth is an online stock trading company that has been helping people profit from their investments since 2007.

It has a number of different products that can help investors make more money. This broker has a unique approach to the financial sector.

Instead of focusing on investors, it views itself as a facilitator. The company makes it easy for its members to invest their money in a wide range of financial markets. It has a variety of trading options that make it easy for anyone to get involved in the markets. The trading sector of SelfWealth is also easy to get into. There is a minimum account balance that you need to meet before you can begin trading.

How Does SelfWealth Work?

SelfWealth offers a number of financial products for trading. With this broker, it is easy for anyone to get involved in the markets. You can trade a variety of different financial instruments. This includes stocks, options, and forex. 


  • Low trading fees
  • Variety of asset types to trade, including stocks, options, and forex
  • Access to wealth managers

8. AtlasTrend – Overall Top Investment Apps in Australia Choice

AtlasTrend is an online trading broker that offers trading markets for forex, CFDs, commodities, indices, stocks and options

It is one of the most popular trading brokers in Australia. This is because it claims to be different from other trading brokers.

How Does Atlas Trend Work?

Its main approach is to offer a mixture of funds that come assorted by its own staff. The idea here is to make it straightforward to find the trading market that best suits your needs. 

AtlasTrend therefore offers trading on a variety of markets but without necessarily needing to manage these yourself. And it also claims that its trading platform is user-friendly, easy to navigate and includes the option to trade CFDs.


  • Latest security technologies to keep your funds secure
  • Focuses on investments that are trending 
  • Access to financiers

9. – Major Investment App in Australia

The Capital Investment App is a financial app that helps investors make money and manage their money.  

The app connects investors with passive income opportunities that can provide cash returns on a daily basis.

It’s like a robo-advisor (these are sometimes used in micro-investing) for your money, as it’s completely automated and works for you, not for someone else. The app is best for people who have a lot of spare time and are interested in generating passive income through investments. 

How Does the Capital Investment App Work?

The app’s target market is people who have a lot of free time but want to generate passive income. The app helps investors build a portfolio of passive income investments consisting of real estate, private equity and lending opportunities. 

Once an investor signs up, the app automatically makes investment suggestions and keeps track of returns. The app allows investors to get cash returns on a daily basis and pay lower fees than most financial institutions.


  • Suggestions based on your preferences 
  • 300+ investment opportunities by fund managers & brokers
  • Build a portfolio of passive income investments

10. Libertex – Top Investment App in Australia

The Libertex app is a digital investment platform that helps people create investment portfolios.  

The app’s interface is very simple to navigate and the app’s team regularly updates the app to ensure that it’s up-to-date and reliable.

Libertex allows users to create investment portfolios that consist of more than 50 investment options. The investment options available on the app are broken down into the four main categories of trading, and it also launched crypto some time ago.

How Does the Libertex Investment App Work?

Libertex’s investment app allows you to create investment portfolios consisting of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and options. You can then choose how much you would like to invest in each of these categories as well as the date for your portfolio. 

Once you’ve created your portfolio, you can track your portfolio’s performance by logging into the app’s dashboard. Once you have an investment portfolio set up, you can choose to stay on the app’s dashboard and track your investments. 

This app dashboard can help you stay on top of your investments by showing you the performance of your portfolio by category and how much you have in each investment. You can also create monthly investment reports that take into account your investment portfolio’s performance. 

The Libertex app can also help you track your investments by showing you how much you have in each investment.


  • Track your investments 
  • Trade crypto
  • Allegedly up-to-date and reliable

Best Investment Apps in Australia 📈 – Buying Guide

Before you run a marathon with your chosen investment app, why not take a moment to slow down? Ask yourself – do you really know what it means to invest? This section explores that…

Warren Buffett’s Advice – Why Investing in Homesteads and Families is so Powerful


Investment can be best explained by illustrating how to do it in the best way.

I mentioned Warren Buffet in the introduction – who said he wouldn’t want all the bitcoin in the world even if you gave it to him for virtually free. 

So why did Buffett add that he would pay $25 billion right there on the spot, in order to gain just one percent of America’s farmland?

When the most successful investor in the world says something like this, it’s worth paying attention. Let’s explore this further…

Farmland and Homesteads

When you buy bitcoin, your monetary success is dependent on buying early. The only way for you to succeed is for someone to lose, by buying late when the price is already high. 

By comparison, farmland produces food, which someone can buy from you in order to live and support their families. When you sell your product, the buyer doesn’t lose. Instead, they gain from a fair exchange of value – eggs and beans as a career for money.

There are many benefits of investing in a homestead, therefore. Not only will you be able to grow your personal savings, but you’ll also be able to invest in the future of your family and community. 

The value of a homestead can increase as time goes by and its investment potential can grow over time. Investing in a homestead is also a great way to support the local economy. If you have limited capital, investing in real estate might not be the best option for you. 

However, if you are willing to put some money into a project, it could end up being worth it in the long run. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a homestead:

You’ll Grow Your Savings

Renting and building are opposites in some ways. When you buy a piece of land, you are able to grow multi-generational products and families on that land, as well as plots of farmland. You also spend less on food from elsewhere. This is the most important aspect of saving.

There is also a market aspect. If you decide to purchase a piece of land and build a house on it, you’ll be able to grow your personal savings as that land increases in value on the market. If you buy a piece of property that is assessed at $50,000 and you decide to build a house on it, you’ll be able to increase your savings passively. 

This is because the house may increase in value over time. Farmland is especially valuable today, this is due to the broken supply chains from war, COVID restrictions, and general chaos in old infrastructures that are no longer holding up. 

You Can Support Your Community

Support Community

If you choose to invest in a homestead, you’ll be able to support your local community. 

Whether you’re producing milk and yoghurt from cows and goats, or selling eggs from chickens – people need food and local suppliers of natural foods that are high in nutrition are a powerful resource.

Developing a homestead makes you a pillar of your community, no less important than the local police department or schools. 

The more you put into your communal investment, the more it will increase in value as trust grows!

It’s Good for Growing a Family 

Wealth is health and relationships. Investing in a homestead can help you build wealth by giving you a space to raise a family.

Today, we are very accustomed to outsourcing everything; businesses outsource their workforce to remote workers and shoppers outsource where they get the food they need, in order to live. We’ve grown accustomed to relying on massive supermarkets rather than our own back garden and local farmers.

As you grow more infrastructure, the value of your investment will naturally increase over time. As the value of your investment increases, you’ll be able to build out how much square metres of living space you have for your family to enjoy a higher standard of living. 

There are lots of natural benefits that come with having more savings, including using your investment earnings to pay for your children’s higher education. This will ensure that your wealth remains in the family for generations to come. 

If you decide to invest in a homestead, you’ll be able to use a real estate investment calculator to predict the growth of your investment. This will help you stay on track and ensure that you are building wealth for future generations.

Enjoying a Paradise on Earth


Life on a Homestead

Being a homesteader and living off the land is one of the most enjoyable lifestyle choices you can make once you see the benefits. Being a homesteader and living off the land is one of the most important lifestyle choices that you can make in life.

Homesteading takes lots of work but the rewards are well worth it. You will be able to live off the land which means that you don’t need to spend money on things like utilities or food. This allows you to live a very simple life while still enjoying all that nature has to offer:

  • 🐄 Milking cows and goats each day. 
  • 🧀 Making products like cheese and yoghurt. 
  • 🥚 Collecting the eggs of your chickens daily. 
  • 🌱 Tilling the land, in order to grow plant produce. 

You won’t have to worry about bills or monthly expenses to as high a degree as living in the city, because your needs will be met by your own efforts and resources. You won’t need as much in order to survive, especially if you work with other people who are willing to share their resources with you. 

Without costly bills or monthly expenses, it would be easy for someone who lives this way to build up a nice nest egg so they never really have any financial worries at all! As long as they continue being self-sufficient and are willing to work hard and perhaps build key communal networks like the local plumber, they won’t ever really have any financial worries.

Community and green nature is associated with a long life!

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