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Meet the Team

By Will Ellis
Last Updated on February 21, 2024

Privacy Australia is a research-based digital content publication with a focus on cybersecurity, VPNs, anti-virus and financial products.

We have a range of talented editors, researchers, and analysts who provide up-to-date and relevant content guides.

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As a security analyst working in Beijing in 2008, I struggled to connect to basic websites like Facebook and Wikipedia (coincidentally, many more websites are banned in China today than were then). Naturally, I started looking for a solution. VPN services were, at the time, security tools used by large IT companies or cybersecurity professionals. I’m now the founder and CEO of Privacy Australia which I continue to run on a full-time basis.

I also write about investment and trading services aimed at beginners. My work has been featured on sites such as the New York Times, Yahoo Finance, and MarketWatch.

Sam Bocetta Contributor

Sam Bocetta

Cyber Security Expert

Sam has over twenty years of experience in IT security. His professional background spans from working with the US military to large Fortune 500 companies running security audits. Currently retired and an active thought leader contributing to a number of industry publications including ATT, TripWire, Vodafone, and many more.

Sam has helped us write many of our more technical guides including our widely cited Open Source Privacy Tools page which he regularly updates.

He also writes about personal finance, cryptocurrency, and trading.

Adam is an award-winning Australian tech journalist, podcaster, and corporate writer who contributes to news articles, opinion columns, product reviews and how-to guides to a wide range of consumer brands such as PCMag, Gizmodo Australia, The Independent and the Australian Financial Review.

He also hosts the award-winning Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News Podcast.

Isla Sibanda

Cyber Security Writer

Isla is a B2B copywriter from Cape Town, South Africa with a background in computer science and ethical hacking. Since 2012, She has worked with local and international companies completing hundreds of bug bounty programs and pen tests. I have been an author for Privacy Australia since 2019.

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