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How to Hedge Forex Patterns

By Will Ellis
Last Updated on March 22, 2024
Edited by Adam Turner
Fact checked and reviewed

Did you know that millions of people in Australia and all over the world invest in currencies? It’s true. It’s a great way to make a sizable investment and then a sizable return on that investment as well. 

You might not think that investing in currencies is a smart idea, but when you really think about it, you’ll see why it’s such a brilliant move. Currencies will always be needed in one way or another and people will always be using them. That means you’ll always stand to make some money off of money.

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But there is also exposure to risks when you begin investing in currencies. The world of currency investments is volatile and can have many ups and downs. But the good news is that even with those peaks and valleys in the market, you can protect your investment. It just requires a strategy.

Table of Contents:

Forex Hedging 👀️

There are multiple strategic methods and approaches that people follow when they are attempting to protect themselves from the rough seas ahead in the currency market. If you decide to use a brokerage firm, it will inform you of the many ways that you can try to defend your earnings and keep them safe. 

But I am not talking about multiple different approaches today. No, I am talking about just one and it might be the biggest and most important one of all. Hedging is the one method I am addressing.

Basically, forex hedging is a method of “hedging your bets” (surely, you have heard that phrase before, right?) and it is one of a few methods of risk management in use by traders who know a thing or two about the market and the assets they are trading. Utilising a forex hedging plan will give your currency access to some measure of protection.

This hedging strategy typically involves using a short-term strategy on a lengthy investment. It is designed to reduce losses incurred that can arise from events or developments that have an impact on the forex world.

Think about the following situation and how you might act and feel: You decide to go short or long on a currency pair and predict a serious shift in your favour over time. But then you read the newspaper and things are looking bad. An impending economic statement from the national government is anticipated to cause price movements and could cause a big change either way for your currency pair.

You want to shield your exposures from the brief volatility rather than terminating your investment, which would entail losing out on the gains you anticipate after the market stabilises. No one wants to pull out of the market entirely. At this point, you may want to think about implementing a forex hedging plan.

Hedging your forex investments can take numerous different forms depending on the approach you take. The most sophisticated and methodical approaches typically fall under broader risk management plans used by organisations or businesses with stakes in the currency market.

Yet, there are often just two forms of hedging strategies employed by retail forex traders.

Hedge Forex Patterns ➡️

The First Hedge Forex Pattern

Hedge Forex Patterns

By concurrently maintaining a long and a short position in the same currency pair, a forex trader can build a “hedge” to completely cover an existing portfolio from an unfavourable move in the pair. 

Due to the fact that it completely eliminates all risk, as well as all possible profit connected, unfortunately, with the transaction whilst the hedge is operational, this variant of a hedging technique is known as a “perfect hedge.”

Releasing currencies that you have held for a long time may seem strange because the two opposite positions cancel each other out, but it happens more frequently than you might imagine. 

This form of hedging frequently occurs whenever a broker has a position that is short or long as a lengthy trade and, instead of liquidating it, makes a contrary transaction to generate the short-term hedge ahead of significant news or a significant moment.

It’s interesting to note that American forex traders forbid this kind of hedging. As a substitute, businesses must regard the conflicting trade as an order to close or net out the two holdings. The outcome of a trade and a hedged trade, however, is nearly identical.

The Second Hedge Forex Pattern

With the second hedge forex pattern and method we are discussing, a broker, buyer or trader can hedge a position against an unfavourable change in the value of the currency pair. Since this consequent position typically only removes a portion of the risk, and therefore only some of the possible profit connected with the transaction, the method is known as an “imperfect hedge.” 

Any dealer who is long a pair of currencies can purchase put option contracts to lessen the probability of a decline in the value of the investment, and a dealer who happens to be short a pair can purchase call option contracts to lessen the risk of a rise in the value of the investment.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hedging with Forex 🔎️

The Advantages of Hedging with Forex ✔️

Forex Hedging

Obviously, there are many investors and buyers both old and new, inexperienced and seasoned, who commit to the hedge forex patterns I have mentioned above.

But why? What is it about hedging in forex that makes it so special and so smart to do? The fact is that there are many advantages to following this approach to investing in currency but here are just a few to always keep in mind:

Diversifies your Portfolio ✅️

One of the best things that hedging does is spread out your open positions and, therefore, reduce the amount of damage and risk that one dip in the market can bring to your portfolio.

If you are a smart investor, you are going to be looking for multiple ways to ensure that one bad period or one news cycle will not cause your investments to crash and burn. When you hedge your forex investments, you will rest assured that your money will not be cratering even when the bad times come.

It’s an Insurance Policy ✅️

No matter how much time you have spent studying the markets, the simple truth is that you just never know what’s right around the corner.

One unpredictable price swing can create a sudden drop in value of just about anything. The volatility of the market is what scares a lot of potential investors away and you cannot blame them for that.

But when you hedge your forex investments, you will essentially be creating an insurance policy against those swings in the market. Your overall value will stay strong and you can still stand to make a profit even when it feels like the volatility has reached a new level. 

You Control your Risk/Reward Ratio ✅️

Some people refrain from investing, especially forex investing, because they don’t like how much risk is involved. They want to only put their money into something that’s a sure thing and, sadly, that is not the case with forex.

There will never be a “sure thing” in the world of investing but you can take much more control over your risks and rewards if you hedge your forex. 

If you are hedging your forex investments then you are making gains a strong possibility even when the risks are high and the market is uneven and uncertain. 

The Disadvantages of Hedging with Forex ✖️

So, there are a lot of good that comes with hedging your forex but that means there is a lot of bad too. It can’t all be good otherwise everyone would be following this approach to investing. 

Yes, hedging with this sort of investment can definitely give you a lot more control than you have ever really known before, it can also present a few problems that should be kept in mind too.

Profits are Reduced ❌️

Yes, hedging your funds will reduce the risks that you and your portfolio are open to but it will also reduce the profits that you can realise. This happens because when the profits are rising in your initial positions, your other hedged position is set to decrease.

This makes total sense when you remember that hedging your investments is really placing two different positions in the market. When one goes up, the other is bound to go down. So your amount of profit won’t be as high but at least you will ensure that you are making some profit, instead of none at all. 

It’s Hard to Do ❌️

It sounds complicated but it also sounds achievable. But the truth is that you might need expert assistance when you are hedging your forex investment. You might have to call upon a professional to make sure you have done it correctly and that will take time and, of course, money.

If you have studied the market for a long time, you can probably hedge your forex investments without help. But you need to be certain you’re doing it the right way. Therefore, you might have to let someone step in and give you a hand – for a price.

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