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Privacy-Focused Search Engine Brave Search Has Been Released

By Will Ellis
Last Updated on August 15, 2023
Privacy-Focused Search Engine Brave Search Has Been Released

The new privacy-focused video and picture search engine Brave Search has been released.

Today’s announcement that Brave, a privacy-focused search engine and browser creator, has created its own picture and video search engine marks another step away from dependence on other search providers. 

Since Brave Search now maintains its own independent index, users no longer need to leave the browser to get picture or video search results, as previously explained by the firm.

Brave Search Will Use its Own Search Index

This comes after Brave said in April that it will stop using Bing’s index, which accounted for 7% of all query results before the change.

Brave said its picture and video search tool, which has been in development for a while, will now also provide search results using its newly released Brave Search API.

While Brave’s own index was being built, the company gave users the option of using Bing or Google to do picture and video searches before the launch.

The corporation acknowledged that some consumers disliked the reroute option and expressed gratitude for their understanding throughout the shift. This was stated in an online article proclaiming the enhancements to Brave. 

While they worked on providing a long-term, privacy-protecting, and impartial picture and video search option, they made this interim choice to enable consumers locate results with little trouble.


The business claims that users will enjoy improved speed and privacy (How to Download Anonymously) by doing picture and video searches inside the Brave ecosystem, as opposed to other search engines that depend on third-party suppliers. 

It also frames the launch as a way to rein in “Big Tech censorship,” referencing an incident from a few years back in which it was discovered that Microsoft Bing returned no photos for a search for “tank man” in Tiananmen Square.

Brave was affected since it still used Bing’s image search results at the time.

Brave warns that it is always working to enhance its picture search capabilities. Currently, you cannot use sophisticated filters such as license type or aspect ratio. But it promises that these additions are on the way.

If you do not want to use the Brave browser, you may access the Brave Search engine on its own at

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