Small Business Tools and Reviews

Hi, my name is Will and I run this privacy preserving little corner of the web. 🕵️

Our mission at Privacy Australia is to help you maintain your private and secret lives and to ensure that they don’t interfere with your public life without your consent. We built this site to help Australians understand the changing world of data privacy and defend their digital sovereignty. We accomplish this with independent research about the best tools and software.

I also research a lot of other tools and services. In the last three years I’ve been blessed to be able to start several online businesses and act as a private angel investor for over 15 startups in the Sydney area. 🙌

I’ve learned a lot in the last few years and also made some crazy mistakes. One of the biggest was not researching and understanding various products and services.

In the process of building my own online businesses I’ve had the chance to help a lot of other fellow entrepreneurs. Whether it be finance, online dev tools or other custom software solutions I’d like to share some of my experiences and mistakes with my readers.

That’s why I’ve decided to make detailed reviews of all the services I use… even through some of them aren’t about privacy. 

I’ll be updating this section every few weeks when I have time. My general research process and mission for Privacy Australia can be found here. If you have some feedback on my articles please feel free to contact me. Note to advertisers or PR agents, I will not review any products for money. You can read about my review policy on my Mission page.

Financial Products for Small Businesses

For those of you who have struggled to find the best credit cards, loan rates or other business/financial tools this section should help! I’ve spend hours reading the fine print and used most of these services.

Software Reviews and Information

As an open source contributor for the last decade, I’ve had the chance to audit a number of up and coming software companies. In these reviews I focus on security, price and functionality.

  • Best Web Hosting – Over the last few years we’ve struggled with finding reliable web hosting. This review shares our experiences.
  • Cheap Hosting Australia – The world is discount web hosting is a tricky one. We hope this guide will help those looking to save a couple dollars on hosting.

Internet and Wireless Plan

Internet in Australia has come a long way in the last decade. That being said I’ve done a number of tests on NBN plans, wireless plans and a host of other data providers.