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Cheap NBN Plans in Australia (2024)

By Will Ellis
Last Updated on January 1, 2024


Do you want to save money while still getting an NBN? The good news is that a ton of affordable NBN options available today.

Of course, you’ll always find a need for compromises when picking an inexpensive NBN package

While you may find excellent prices, most inexpensive NBN packages only last for a limited time—typically six months. Our most budget-friendly plans are available for a limited time only as part of a promotion, during which you may save significantly before the price goes back to normal.

This is why we advocate for changing your NBN service every six months. To make sure you’re receiving the speed you’re paying for with your NBN connection, we advise checking it on a frequent basis. We’ve included the lowest-priced NBN packages we could find in each speed category below.

Table of Contents:

Speed Category 1 🏍️💨 — Low-Cost NBN 25 Contracts

Slowest. Monthly costs between $45 and $89 🏁

Key Features:

  • Two-person household
  • Maximum upload speed of 5Mbps
  • $44 per month with the right promotion


  • Affordable internet service for as little as $44 monthly.
  • None of that contract nonsense.
  • With no limits on data transfer.
  • Reasonable pricing for 50 Mbps.
  • Costs average between $54 and $85 monthly.


  • It can comfortably host no more than two people.
  • Once sales finish, prices tend to increase dramatically.
  • Difficulty in doing work from home tasks due to slow upload speeds.

Reasons To Choose This Level ❤️‍

An NBN 25 package is adequate for a two-person household or less with light to moderate online requirements. 

While these NBN packages aren’t the fastest available, they are more than sufficient for a single user’s typical internet needs. But, upload times are a drawback. Sending huge files and even playing online games might be challenging with a maximum upload speed of 5Mbps.

NBN 25 may be had for as little as $44 per month with the right promotion. These special rates are only available for a limited time—typically no more than six months—but the good news is that you may switch to a cheaper no-contract NBN tier whenever you choose. If you combine your internet and phone services, you may save even more cash.

The least expensive NBN 25 packages in our records are as follows:

Best NBN 25 Plan Providers 🌞

  1. SpinTel NBN25: Minimum of $44
  2. Tangerine NBN25: Monthly minimum of $44.90 
  3. Exetel NBN25: Monthly minimum of $53.95

NBN Speed Test – How to Check Your Internet Speed?

Speed Category 2 🏎️💨 — Fast NBN 50 Plans

Monthly costs between $54 and $85 🏁

Key Features:

  • Reasonable Pricing for a 50 Mbps NBN Connection
  • Costs Average $54 and $85 Monthly
  • Unlimited Storage Available


  • Optimal compromise between speed and cost.
  • Affordable, unlimited storage costs.
  • Several 50 Mbps NBN packages are available.


  • May not be quick enough for families with several members.
  • Price increases are possible after promotions end.

Reasons To Choose This Level ☑️

Keep in mind that the vast majority of Australian homes with access to the NBN have an NBN 50 plan installed. As a quicker alternative to an ADSL2+ plan without the hefty price tag, this speed tier offers the optimal balance of affordability and performance. 

If no one in your household works from home at the same time, then the NBN speeds available at this tier should be sufficient for a family of four. Large uploads and data-intensive tasks may become difficult otherwise.

NBN 50 unlimited plans are more affordable during promotions, but the price often rises again once the deal ends. Some NBN 50 plans cost $54 per month, while others cost $60 to $80 (without any discounts). 

Look for no-contract options where you may use your own modem and consider switching once your discount expires to take benefit from the reductions long-term. Internet and home phone bundles are another way to save costs.

We’ve compiled a list of the most affordable NBN 50 packages available:

Best NBN 50 Plan Providers 🌞

  1. Exetel NBN50: Monthly minimum of $53.50 
  2. Dodo NBN50: Minimum of $53.50
  3. Spintel NBN50: Monthly minimum of $54.90

What Is a Good NBN Speed?

Speed Category 3 🏎️💨 — Top NBN 100 Plans

Price Range: $63 – $109 Monthly 🏁

Key Features:

  • Family household
  • Maximum upload speed of 20Mbps
  • Affordable NBN 100 plan pricing


  • Top tier of NBN speed amalgamates several technologies.
  • Good for providing for big households.


  • For some reason, NBN 50 plans have the same upload speeds as 100 plans.

Reasons To Choose This Level ✅

Plans with speeds of 100 Mbps on the NBN are among the fastest available. Regrettably, not all varieties of NBN equipment are capable of NBN 100 speeds. 

Plans like this are unavailable to people with Fixed Wireless or Satellite connections, and those with Fibre to the Node (FTTN) connections who live more than 300 metres from the node. Once the introductory period ends, the price of an NBN 100 plan rises to between $85 and $90 per month.

Families 👪

Any home with four people or more should be OK with an NBN 100 plan, provided that the resident(s) are using the recommended technology. 

Nevertheless, the drawback of most plans in this speed level are slower upload speeds capped at 20Mbps, also seen in the NBN 50 plan. If you often upload very large files, this might become a bottleneck.

NBN 100/40 is still a viable choice, double the highest upload speed you can get. Yet they are uncommon and will make a cheap NBN plan useless. You’ll have to shell out some more cash for those extra megabits per second. Our research has uncovered these as the least expensive NBN 100 plans:

Best NBN 100 Plan Providers 🌞

  1. Tangerine NBN100: Monthly minimum of $62.90
  2. Exetel NBN100: Monthly minimum of $62.90
  3. Dodo NBN100: Minimum of $62.85

What is a Good Internet Speed?

Speed Category 4 🏎️💨 — Best NBN 250 Plans

Monthly costs between $84 and $129 🏁

Key Features:

  • Large household
  • Maximum upload speed of 50Mbps
  • Download speeds as high as 250Mbps


  • Fastest download times ever.
  • Many alternatives to signing a contract.
  • Spending range: $105-$180.


  • Not inexpensive.
  • Limited to FTTP and HFC only.

Reasons To Choose This Level ☑️

With an NBN 250 package, users may now enjoy download speeds as high as 250Mbps, which was previously only possible with Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) connections.

We urge customers to continue with no-contract tiers since after promo reductions the cost of NBN 250 plans rises to $110+ monthly.

Faster speeds often come with heftier price tags, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal. Keep an eye out for coupon codes, and get accustomed to switching NBN providers every six months. Changing internet service providers is not as difficult as it seems.

Our research has uncovered these as the least expensive options for NBN 250:

Best NBN 250 Plan Providers 🌞

  1. Superloop NBN250: Minimum of $88.95
  2. Excel NBN250: Monthly minimum of $83.95
  3. Optus NBN250: Monthly minimum of $89

How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Speed Category 5 🏎️💨 — Best NBN 1000 Plans

Monthly costs $105-$180 💥🏁

Key Features:

  • Busy huge household
  • Maximum upload speed up to 600Mbps
  • FTTP or HFC connections


  • Absolute fastest speeds.
  • 50 Mbps upload speeds.
  • Includes the right to boast.


  • Evening average speeds are still low on average.
  • Limited to FTTP and HFC only.
  • Definitely not a cheap alternative.

Reasons To Choose This Level ☑️

When using NBN 1000 tiers, you might need to give up on the dream of cheap NBN because of the high cost of the service. But, there are offers that temporarily lower the monthly cost. The monthly fee starts at roughly $105 but may go to $130 or more without any kind of promotion.

NBN 1000 plans, that said, have their own regulations. This speed tier is only available through FTTP or HFC connections. You can also receive upload rates of up to 50 Mbps, the highest and among the best on the market for consumer-ready NBN plans.

Unfortunately, NBN 1000 plans in the evening still fall below average speeds. Evening usual speeds for NBN 50 plans are about 48 Mbps, while those for NBN 1000 plans range from 200 Mbps to 600 Mbps. Although some plans promise top speeds, you may not be able to achieve them at peak times.

The least expensive NBN 1000 packages in our records are as follows:

Top NBN 1000 Plan Providers 🌞

  1. Southern Phone NBN1000: Minimum of $195
  2. Tangerine NBN1000: Monthly minimum of $109.90
  3. Exetel NBN1000: Monthly minimum of $109.90

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If you’re looking for the cheapest NBN plan, you may assume that NBN 12 is it, however that’s not the case right now. The cheapest NBN 12 speed package costs around $59 per month. 

The cheapest NBN 25 plans cost less than $45 per month, while the cheapest NBN 50 plans cost less than $55 per month, thus this is more costly. In light of the above, we strongly advise against signing up for one.

Final FAQs

How much does Australia’s most affordable NBN package cost?

The question is not easily answered, unfortunately. What you need from a service provider is the deciding factor. The cheapest NBN plan we’ve seen, NBN 25 plan, with a monthly cost of less than $50. We’ve compiled a list of the most affordable NBN packages available at the top of this guide.

Is the NBN 50 enough for your needs?

The NBN 50 speed level is the most often used option because it strikes a decent balance between price and performance. Plans with NBN 50 provide more than enough speed for internet entertainment, game downloads, social media browsing, and light work from home. Check out our handy guide that addresses the question “What volume of internet data will I need?” if you’re uncertain.

If I go for a less expensive NBN package, what am I giving up?

Cheaper plans often include fewer inclusions. A lower NBN package, especially with a smaller provider, which could mean you don’t receive access to 4G back-up, VIP discounts, bundling options to save money, and other incentives like those offered to consumers on the more expensive Telstra network via its Telstra Plus rewards programme.

My current NBN package is too expensive; please tell me how to downgrade.

Making a change to your NBN package is quicker and simpler than you would expect. If you’re happy with your current service provider, you may usually downgrade your plan by calling customer service or using the service’s mobile app.

It’s important to remember the basics first, particularly if you’re making a major change in service providers. Data backup, equipment organisation, and knowing when your contract expires or whether it’s a good time to depart (such as the end of a billing cycle) are all essentials.

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