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Short-Term Investing: What Are The Advantages?

By Will Ellis
Last Updated on March 4, 2024
Advantages Of Short Investments

Financial investments that may be quickly converted into cash – usually within 5 years – are called short-term investments, marketable securities, or transitory investments.

Most assets held for 3-12 months are liquidated or converted to cash. Certificates of deposit, high-yield government bonds, savings accounts, money market accounts, and Treasury bills are also commonly considered examples of shorter-term investments

These investing routes are usually in assets or vehicles that are both stable and easily traded for cash.

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Companies also use the phrase “short-term investments” to refer to a subset of their financial assets that are similar to those defined above but meet a few extra criteria. Short-term investments in this sense are those made by a business that they anticipate will be turned into cash within a year.

PLS NOTE: We’re here to assist you with helpful guides. As we are not financial consultants, please use common sense when making financial choices.

Table of Contents:

Key Advantages of Investments that are Short 🩳

  • 🏎️ Speed is key in business. At times, there will be opportunities that require being first. If the investment is not large, speed can give you a headstart.
  • ⚔️ Mastery requires discipline and preparation. Sure investments are those that you’ve worked at consistently for weeks, months, or even years. 
  • ⚖️ Knowing a good investment means balancing risk against reward. A gambling-like addiction to reward while ignoring risk can lead to a downward spiral. 
  • 👶 Short-term investments provide young people with an opportunity to break into early success, as they can handle more risk and recover from downturns better than an older person. But be wary of things that come too easily.

Definition 📕 – Short-Term Investments 

Understanding the advantages through your motivations

So, what are your choices and motivations for considering short-term investments if you want to put money away for the near future? 

Be aware of data propaganda 😵‍.

Your answer to this question will ultimately be determined by how much risk you are willing to take. The stock market, however, stands out as the most viable alternative due to the diversity of investments it offers, from relatively safe blue-chip companies and exchange-traded funds to more volatile micro-cap and speculative stocks.

Options, Foreign Exchange, and Contracts for Difference are all derivative and leveraged products that carry a higher level of risk. If you know what you’re doing, any of these leveraged products work as short-term capital gains, and some of them can even generate income. 

However, due to their inherent volatility and the increased risk they pose for investors, they are best avoided by those without extensive experience in the financial markets.

Commodities such as silver and gold, and also collectibles, may also provide a strong short-term return if bought and sold at the right moment. While real estate is often not seen as a short-term, residential property investment may be purchased and resold for a quick return if done correctly… in and out: another example is bitcoin ATMs 🏧 🌴 .

Investing Strategies for the Near Term

Stock market instances 📊

Okay, let’s talk technical, mumbo-jumbo stock market examples. 

Short-term investments aim to provide capital preservation and a Return On Investment similar to a Treasury bill index fund or another similar benchmark, whether the investor is a person or an institution.

The balance sheet of a financially stable company will include a short-term investments account. Because of this, the business is able to put its extra funds into more lucrative investments such as bonds, stocks, or cash equivalents.

A corporation needs to meet two thresholds before considering an investment to be short-term. 

  1. 👍 First, it has to be easily convertible into cash, like common stocks or U.S. Treasury bonds. 
  2. 👍 Second, management has to have a plan to sell the securities within a short time frame, such as 12 months. Short-term investments also include marketable debt instruments having maturities of one year or less, such U.S. Treasury bills and commercial paper.

Investments in ordinary stock and preferred stock are examples of tradable equity instruments. Corporate bonds, or bonds issued by a corporation other than the issuing entity, may be deemed marketable debt instruments, but only if they have very short maturities and are regularly traded.

Does it Pay Off?

Short-term investment advantages ROI 📈

To what end would I personally consider short-term investing?

While this is not financial advice, only in exceptional circumstances have I found that investing for the short term has paid off for me. 

The first one is to support yourself financially, a goal shared by many traders. Those who are getting close to retirement age and need more money to maintain their current standard of living may also need this.

The second is that you don’t want to tie up your cash for an extended period of time, since you need it for anything sooner rather than later. Short-term investments provide a barrier for some people, and that’s fine so long as you don’t put all of your eggs in that basket.


Before I wrap up this section, let me emphasise that although I do believe in the value of short-term investment, I would generally only recommend it as one component of a broader plan to amass wealth over time. When you reinvest your earnings, you may increase your return on investment (ROI) even more than you would with a long-term buy-and-hold plan. 

Due to this, I propose taking a medium- to long-term stance on investments while employing short-term investments to complement your existing income. The potential benefits outweigh the possible risks.

Investing for the Near Term vs. the Long Term

Power of planning ahead… 🗺️

Contrary to long-term investments, which are purchased with the intention of holding them for at least a year, short-term investments are made with the expectation that they would be sold immediately.

Long-term investors are often ready to tolerate more volatility or risk, in the hopes that the investment’s “bumps” will flatten out over time. This is assuming, of course, that the investment’s growth rate is positive.

Those who can afford to put their money down for the long haul and who don’t need access to that cash anytime soon also employ long-term investments (such as buying house).

Short-Term Investments and Their Benefits

Whether it’s for your dream house, your kid’s college fund, or your golden years, you invest because you care about the future. 

These milestones come at various points in your life and need careful scheduling. In order to meet your financial obligations when they arise, you should include a short-term investing strategy within a well-diversified, long-term investment plan.

The time frame included by the word “short-term” might range from a few months to a few years. Any investment with a period of less than three years is called a “short-term” one. Short-term investments are necessary for getting greater return from your cash savings or liquid assets, but they either offer poor returns or large dangers, depending on where you put your money.

Short-term investments are about getting the most of your money in a little period of time, preferably with the least amount of risk and penalties, whether you’re saving for next Christmas, saving for a down payment on a house, or saving for a franchise company. Profits from short-term investments may be cashed out or re-invested in other asset classes.

Your long-term investments need to be backed up by some short-term investments in your portfolio. When held for an extended length of time, both stocks and real estate may provide substantial returns. The issue comes when there is a need for immediate monetary assistance. Without a safety net, you could have to sell off your long-term assets at a loss.

The answer is to maintain some level of liquid, short-term assets. The finest cushion is hard cash, but it earns no interest. There is a little improvement with a savings account, but the interest is still not very high. Keeping cash in a home loan offset account offers greater value, saving you money by reducing your interest payments (without needing to paying tax, as you would on interested earned). Gaining an even higher return on funds that must be kept liquid to protect against the unexpected is possible via short-term investments.

Investing requires careful preparation taking into account the many factors in your life. It’s important to account for the timing of various occurrences. You should provide a timeline of when you expect to require certain funds in your financial plan. Consider asking yourself the following:

  • 📕 Can I define my financial objectives?
  • 📕 Where do I stand, financially speaking?
  • 📕 Can I borrow the funds now, or do I have to wait until I really need them?
  • 📕 In what ways am I flexible with this timeline?
  • 📕 How much of my capital can I afford to lose?

Investments That Provide a “Quick” Return 👍

Short-term investments are risky and don’t always provide much return. Due to the cyclical character of most equities, short-term investing in them entails a significant risk for your investment capital. The additional issue of the tax implications of investments held for less than a year is a further challenge.

Treasury bills (T-Bills), certificates of deposit (CDs), and money market funds are popular short-term investments because they are considered to be relatively risk-free. Investments like CDs and T-Bills have a known maturity date and interest rate. A major drawback of fixed investments is that early withdrawals are usually subject to a penalty.

Money market mutual funds are recommended by financial experts for short-term savings. Although the return may be smaller than that of fixed assets, the money is more easily accessible in times of need. Because of this benefit, money market funds are a fantastic method to safeguard your long-term assets by offering access to liquid funds in the event of an unexpected financial crisis.

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Takeaway 📚 🤠

For cowboys and cowgirls who enjoy the thrill… 

Short-term investments may be wonderful investments for individual investors and organisations that are searching for both liquid and reliable choices to develop their wealth. 

Each investor must conduct their own research, but there is a wide variety of possibilities available, including certificates of deposit, bonds, and high-yield savings accounts.

What are your reasons for investing short-term?

Let’s first take a high-level look at investing so I can give you a proper response. 

Most people understand that investing is buying something with the intention of making a profit later on. On the other hand, there are two crucial factors to think about when planning an investment: the amount of risk you are willing to take and the length of time you plan to hold onto your investment. 

Your investment strategy and location will depend on these two factors. You may expect increased volatility and risk with greater returns on investment if that’s what you’re after, and lower income and volatility with less risk.

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