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Best Online Brokers in Australia

By Will Ellis
Last Updated on March 23, 2024
Edited by Adam Turner
Fact checked and reviewed

Finding a reliable online stock broker may seem daunting, but it’s a crucial initial step in the investing process and may help you build wealth over time. 

Although selecting a broker may seem difficult, getting started is pretty easy.

For those just starting out, I think it’s important to choose a brokerage that offers beginner-friendly features like educational resources, low account minimums, and tools that help you learn. 

In this article, I have tested and reviewed the best online stock brokers in Australia.

Table of Contents:

Why People Use Online Stock Brokers

Nature of ETFs

In today’s challenging economy, people are taking a more hands-on approach to their investments than ever. 

For a beginner investor, the process of getting started might seem difficult. The stakes are high, and the financial language may be scary to those who aren’t acquainted. 

Online brokers may be helpful in this regard, particularly if they provide user-friendly trading interfaces and a wealth of informational materials for novice investors.

I researched different brokers to find the best one for novice investors. The availability of support was a major factor. Those who are just starting out in the financial markets want a customer care department that is reliable, helpful, and full of useful information. 

Each broker’s customer service was put through its paces by our team through phone, live chat, and email. Finally, we ensured that the brokers I suggest for novices have minimal minimum deposits, affordable fees, and no commissions.

Keep in mind that ETFs and index funds are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of storing investments, with minimal risks. 

Best Online Stock Brokers in Australia

1. eToro Review – Overall Best Online Stock Broker for Newbies

eToro’s user-friendly education offerings include its eToro school and regular market summaries providing tips.

To save time, tune into eToro’s ‘Bull Club’ podcast  🎙️…

In the app, over two thousand other types of financial assets are tradeable, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs.

Both the website and the mobile app are user-friendly and won’t overwhelm newcomers with their complexity.

There is a $5 withdrawal fee and a $10 monthly penalty for inactivity after a year.

etoro Logo

eToro AUS Capital Limited AFSL 491139. eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk. See PDS and TMD.

With eToro’s Recurring Deposit tool, you can set up automated deposits on a schedule that works for you by adjusting the deposit amount, frequency, currency, and deposit day. Therefore, you may set up convenient recurring charges on your credit card to fund your eToro account whenever you choose.

With all of that, it’s my top platform choice for doing stock trading in Australia as a novice

Just What is eToro?

eToro was established in 2007 in Israel. It has since become one of the major social trading and multi-asset investing platforms with the release of an Android app.

Find trading for stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and similar goods with confidence is made possible by eToro’s principal services via a variety of social trading features, such as emulating prominent investors and engaging in a robust social feed.

Unique CopyTrader Feature… 🐙

The availability of eToro in Australia is a huge boon, since it offers almost all of the features and services offered by competing platforms.

To swiftly and simply mimic the positions of expert traders with a personalised amount, you may take advantage of CopyTrader, a revolutionary new technology.

Investing in the stock market is possible with eToro, as the site provides access to more than 2,000 stocks from 17 international exchanges, as well as fractional shares, and dividends. If you’re an Australian looking to buy and sell shares in some of the largest firms in the world, eToro is a fantastic option.

You can also trade in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to monitor a group of stocks related to a given industry or index.

Is eToro Actually a Breeze? 💨

Investing isn’t easy. It’s hard work. 

If you’re taking it seriously, eToro consistently scores well in reviews online. It’s a cool investing platform for trading stocks and even buying bitcoin… Here are a few eToro features to know:

  • Extensive social features like CopyTrader—eToro’s mission is to make the financial markets accessible to traders of all skill levels by harnessing the power of community via sharing, asking, learning, and teaching.
  • Share your own updates and comment on the postings of other users as you follow and connect with your favourite investors and financial instruments through a personalised and comprehensive Social News feed.
  • Intuitive and clean user interface (UI) on both the mobile app and the desktop website makes it simple to use advanced tools like the research tab, one-click trading, a custom Stop Loss and Take Profit, professional charts, and more. Stop Loss and Take Profit are not guaranteed.
  • Demo account—first-time traders may get their feet wet without risking real money by switching to a $100,000 simulated portfolio and practising their investment ideas.
  • Daily, weekly, and quarterly summaries, as well as overviews of the newest trends and other pertinent analysis, are only the beginning of what eToro Plus has to offer in terms of insight into the global financial markets.

eToro Academy is a web-based trading school that offers a wide range of learning materials, including articles, videos, podcasts, manuals, and webinars, to students of all experience levels interested in topics ranging from investing to cryptoassets.

In addition to the website and mobile app, eToro has a thorough Help Centre, where users may discover a variety of educational materials, FAQ sections, customer support channels, and other useful tools.

It’s worth noting that eToro isn’t for everyone, so you can always try out another Australian-friendly trading site aimed squarely at newcomers.

Strong Security… 🐉

When trading on eToro, how secure am I? 

Overall, I think it’s a trustworthy platform in the regulatory sense because of its stringent security measures and oversight by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec).

In addition, this top-tier brokerage platform encrypts your data and won’t give it out to other parties unless you give it permission to do so.

No one else has access to your account, and you have the option of increasing its security by using measures like two-factor authentication and biometric authentication 🔥 .

Verdict – Do I Need eToro?

Do you still need more convincing to give eToro a shot? Like previous eToro reviews, I think the platform has a lot to offer, particularly to new traders who aren’t acquainted with the ins and outs of the financial markets. 

I can’t guarantee that, as a result of your time spent on eToro, you’ll know as much as a seasoned investor about trading assets and feel comfortable entering the market with that knowledge. But it’s efficient, fast, and provides market access. 


  • Open stock market
  • Conveniently designed software and interface
  • Investment portfolio rich in variety
  • Platform fosters ‘community’
  • Off-platform crypto transfers possible
  • Instructional materials


  • Customer service lacking, needs to be strengthened


eToro AUS Capital Limited AFSL 491139. eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.

eToro AUS Capital Limited ACN 612 791 803 AFSL 491139. Social trading. eToro does not approve or endorse any of the trading accounts customers may choose to copy or follow. Assets held in your name. Capital at risk. See PDS and TMD.

This communication is intended for information and educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice or investment recommendation. Past performance is not an indication of future results.

Crypto assets are unregulated & highly speculative. No consumer protection. Capital at risk. May not suffice as basis for investment decision.

2. Stake – Top Online Stock Broker for Beginners in U.S. Stocks

We’re always writing about the effect of inflation on Aussie food costs

For as long as the US economy remains resistant to the incoming recession, it’s a useful app to get access to leading U.S. companies.

Stake is a worldwide brokerage that gives you access to over 8,000 American stocks and funds without charging you any commissions.

Stake’s user-friendly app is available for free on the App Store and allows traders to quickly and efficiently access U.S. markets, with a minimal set of features to maximise the effectiveness of their trading strategy. 

I like that there are no surprises when it comes to the price. Due to the modest $50 opening deposit requirement, you may test it out with little risk to determine whether it is a good fit for your requirements. 

Starting a new account is simple and fast when done online. If you’re just starting out in the investment world or are planning to maintain holdings for the medium to long term, Stake may be a suitable choice. 

Why is Stake Lesser Known? 👾

Head to “” and you’ll realise it’s a different company. Here’s the correct link… 

Stake, founded in 2017 in Australia, is still an expanding, customer-led brokerage firm providing online trading services to a growing community interested in gaining access to trading stocks and ETFs on the US markets for no cost and with more simplicity. 

You can trade whenever and wherever you choose with Stake, since the platform is also accessible as a mobile app. With the intuitive interface and well-thought-out design of the Stake platforms, traders of all skill levels have a viable choice. 

It provides a small collection of learning materials to assist you get started if you’re a novice, and a support staff ready to help you out if you run into any trouble. Despite the benefits, Stake only provides investments in US-traded equities and ETFs at this time. 

There is room for improvement in the included instructional resources, in my opinion, especially with regard to assisting novices in learning the ins and outs of market trading. For day trading, it’s best to choose a broker that provides a wide variety of services, and fits the bill.

Designed to be Minimalistic… 🗿

Through its proprietary Stake platform, investors may quickly and easily get access to the markets and trade ETFs and equities traded on the US stock exchanges. 

Trading is commission-free and unrestricted on the platform, and it also provides access to real-time trade execution and several sophisticated order kinds. 

I like the clean, contemporary design of the app, which makes it a breeze to use for both trading and general navigation. Keeping track of your account, positions, and the markets is a breeze. When compared to other trading programs like MetaTrader, I did find that the app’s functionality was a little sparse. 

However, if you’re simply just some quick and dirty numbers to help guide your investing or trading, it’ll do the trick. Android and iOS users may use the Stake trading platform with equal ease. 

The trading applications for mobile devices are available for no cost in the relevant app stores. I think it’s a great way to have convenient access to the markets from the convenience of your mobile devices, with some of the lowest costs you’ll find and a seamless and intelligent trading experience.

Is Stake Good for First-Time Traders? 🌞

One of the most crucial things to check for when selecting a broker is whether or not it is regulated. 

A registered broker offers more safety nets in case of problems than would be available from an uncontrolled one. Since the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Australia’s Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) both authorise and regulate Stake, that makes me happy. 

The aforementioned bodies are, in my opinion, among the best in their field, and I have no hesitation in putting my faith in them.

Stake works in the United Kingdom, “Down Under”, and Brazil. Aside from Australia and the United Kingdom, Stake’s goods and services are not meant to constitute an enticement, offer, or solicitation in any country in which Stake is not regulated or permitted to promote its services. 

If you live outside of Australia, somewhere where it does not provide its services, feel free to go through our list to find a suitable replacement.

Verdict – Holds Up Well for No-Nonsense Market Access… 

As a whole, I believe that Stake might be a fantastic option for anybody seeking easy market access and the opportunity to participate in stocks and ETFs without paying any commissions. 

To trade in a safe and secure setting with access to helpful resources and a committed team of professionals, you may make use of its user-friendly platforms. 

As their market research tools are rudimentary and they don’t provide any other asset classes, I don’t believe they’re a good fit for day traders. Those factors should be taken into account if they concern you.


  • Trade over 8,000 stocks/ETFs
  • Modern, simple app
  • Trade commission-free at competitive prices
  • Account opening quick and easy
  • $50 to start
  • Wager incentive scheme
  • Uninterrupted customer service


  • Non-ETF instruments are few
  • Academic/financial resources could improve
  • New pupils lack resources
  • No foreign clients
  • USD only records

3. IG – Top Online Stock Broker for Seasoned Noobs: Overseas Trades 🚀

After that last entry, let’s take things off to a higher level, with an online stock broker that for beginners with some experience, and momentum with overseas trading.

Firstly, I’m happy to report that the low-cost trading platform IG remains one of the greatest for Australian investors.

As usual, we went through IG’s onboarding process, evaluated its assets, examined its costs, and called customer care to give you the most complete IG review online.

Since 1974, IG has provided trading services. It has over ⛰️ 17,000 worldwide trading marketplaces . It’s Australia’s greatest international stock trading platform.

IG charges exorbitant costs for Forex and stock CFDs, yet withdrawing and financing are free. IG lets investors trade indices, currency, shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Trade analytics tools, seminars, webinars, and a dictionary of trading words have helped IG attract over 300,000 customers, including many newcomers. Email and phone support are also outstanding.

Best if You Already Have Some Momentum… ☴

IG works hard to assist somewhat experienced traders and pros in reaching their objectives. The Smart Portfolio’s risk assessment is similar to robo-investment guidance, so even if you’re new to investing, it’s a good alternative at a normal price.

Despite recent product releases like the Smart Portfolio, IG caters more to FX traders and aggressive traders than to novice investors or those interested in Stocks and Shares ISAs. The IG trial account is a good starting point for less experienced investors.

Virtually every IG review warns beginners to avoid spread betting, IG may provide more possibilities than other providers. However, spread betting on the platform may be awkward at first.

The final line: if you’re passionate about trading, the IG trading platform may still benefit you. Start somewhere and transfer in.

What to Expect When Using Smart Portfolios 

In 2017, IG debuted its robo-advisory Smart Portfolios alongside BlackRock. It is fully managed, diversified, risk-assessed, low-cost portfolios with exposure to a variety of IG markets in equities, bonds, and commodities.

These five smart portfolios are like Nutmeg or Wealthify for beginner investors. Time-pressed experienced investors employ them too. To choose the right portfolio, investors fill out a risk questionnaire.

I was asked how much money I wanted to invest and for how long, as well as how much was in my emergency fund. Investors must have 3+ months of emergency savings to stay with IG.

Starting with IG’s General Investment Account… 🏢

IG’s General Investment Account is ideal for experienced investors who have the time and resources to analyse the market and build a diverse portfolio.

The standard investing account lets you purchase shares, ETFs, CFDs and Forex spread betting. Products are leveraged and unleveraged. The general investing account is inexpensive and beneficial.

Sign up to access over 18,000 markets and 24/7 global indices pricing. Leverage on hard and soft commodities and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple) is only accessible on the Pro account, which has severe joining conditions and no retail trade protection.

Verdict – Customer-Oriented 🇦🇺

IG was the first platform to contact me 20 minutes after establishing my account. They say they make this contact as soon as possible after creating a new account to assist you in getting started and answer any questions.

I appreciate IG’s support site too. It goes beyond FAQs to help you solve your own questions without waiting on hold. IG Academy and FAQs provide an excellent overview of the platform.

Trustpilot has several thousand ratings for IG, averaging 4.1 last I checked. Customer service ratings vary. Some service providers are kind and helpful, while others criticise IG’s trading platform.


  • Large market
  • Great educational tools
  • Multiplatform
  • Fast withdrawals


  • Best for experienced beginners
  • Expensive

4. Vanguard – Overall Best Online Stock Broker for Newbies using ETFs!

Not everything fast is good, and not everything slow is bad. This is especially true with Vanguard Group, which values stability over fast ROIs… 💨

If you’re just getting started in the investment world, you don’t have to diversify your portfolio with a wide range of mutual funds.

One mutual fund is all you need to keep things simple. As a starting point for your investment career, diversification is a must. If you’re only going to invest in one Vanguard mutual fund, choose one that’s diversified or has a clear mission.

Vanguard excels in providing access to educational and research materials. The brokerage does not provide a paper trading option for clients to practise trading without risking real funds, but it does provide a wealth of information for potential customers.

Vanguard’s instructional materials span from the very beginner to the more experienced investor, covering such themes as how to get started, how taxes may affect your investments, online trading, and how to choose the optimum asset allocation for your requirements and objectives.

Why Beginners Love Vanguard Over Other Brokers… 

Vanguard’s online brokerage platform is designed for long-term, buy-and-hold investors. Vanguard’s methodology is grounded on the following tenets of investing developed by its founder, John C. Bogle: New investors require a lot of help, active trading is a fool’s game, and costs should be slashed to the bone.

Vanguard is a good option if all you want from an online brokerage is to invest in a pension or grow your money in a taxable brokerage account to complement your employment pension plan and you don’t want to keep tabs on the market every day.

Some parts of Vanguard, though, may seem dated even to buy-and-hold investors. If you want to know how long it takes to create an account, consider this: You may start an account with Vanguard in as little as five days after completing the online application, which will only take a few minutes of your time.

And given Vanguard’s outlook, it’s no surprise that the platform isn’t built to facilitate fast, fluid trading. The company doesn’t seem eager to compete with flashy, cutting-edge brokerages that provide all the features active traders could ever want.

If you’re an investor with clear long-term objectives 🌞 and you want to know more about how your money will perform in different funds, Vanguard might be a good option for you. When compared to actively trading stocks, this method of investing is considerably more leisurely.

Many Funds to Check Out, Like This One! 🏝️ (VYM)

Vanguard VYM

The High Dividend Fund’s principal objective is to provide investment results that correspond to an index of common stocks of companies with a track record of providing investors with above-average dividend payments.

Vanguard’s FTSE Yield Index ETF seeks to provide investors with returns that correspond to the Index. The Vanguard High Dividend Fund is an investment vehicle tracking high dividend yields.

Dividends from these Index companies have historically been greater than the market average. The fund’s holdings will mirror those of the index in that it will consist entirely of the equities listed therein and have weights reflective of those found in the index.

Tracking error methods have been continually enhanced by Vanguard’s Group thanks to their depth of experience and consistency. The team uses specialised tools to make trading decisions that take cash flow into consideration while maintaining a close relationship with index characteristics. Vanguard’s indices have followed their benchmarks quite closely after taking into account trading expenses and management fees.

Prepare for Your Future… 

The instructional tools and calculators are particularly useful for investors trying to figure out when they can retire, how much money they will need in retirement, and whether or not the advantages of converting a regular pension and others are worth the tax hit. Experienced investors may not learn anything new from this resource since it is designed to assist novices in establishing and working towards financial objectives.

Furthermore, Vanguard’s site features extensive investing analysis and commentary. Markets, economics, investing theory and practise, and many more fields are all covered there.

However, Vanguard does not provide its customers with the comprehensive research tools or charting skills they need to make their own comparisons of securities. The platform is geared toward assisting the typical investor, and it does not provide tools for seasoned traders to undertake in-depth research.

Verdict – Perhaps the Best Online App for Long-Term Beginner Stock Trading… 

Vanguard, with headquarters in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, manages about $7.2 trillion in assets for more than 30 million customers.

Vanguard is a mutual fund company that has built its reputation on providing long-term investors with low-cost options that emphasise the importance of goal-setting, cost-cutting, balance, and discipline. After the company’s founder, John C. Bogle, many investors who adhere to Vanguard’s tenets refer to themselves as “Bogleheads”. By trying to emulate the market, simplify their investments, and save costs, these investors hope to achieve financial security.

As the go-to low-cost investment provider, Vanguard is a no-brainer for long-term savers and those planning for retirement. But serious investors will discover that despite the broker’s absence of a transaction fee, the broker is perhaps not up to par for day trading.


  • Huge variety of ETFs and other mutual funds
  • No fees for buying and selling stocks, options, or ETFs
  • Cheapest funding option leader


  • Just a simple trading platform
  • The facts and studies are limited

5. E*TRADE – Top Online Stock Broker for Newbies 

The online trading platform E*TRADE has been a go-to for many investors for years.

Active traders may take advantage of the company’s $0 commissions and robust trading platforms while beginners can learn from the company’s extensive collection of instructional materials.

In 2023, E*TRADE was recognised as one of the best brokers around, awarded with honours. In terms of investing opportunities in today’s volatile climate where even the golden boy Tesla is struggling, it’s important to look carefully at the platforms and tools, research, mobile trading applications, education, and general ease of use.

It placed in the top five. If you’re a crypto investor, you’ll need to search elsewhere since cryptocurrencies aren’t accepted here last I checked. 

Beginner Full-Service Broker

For the most part, E*TRADE fulfils the needs of investors seeking a full-service brokerage

That means you can find everything: mutual funds, stocks, options, futures, and bonds are all viable investment possibilities. As an added bonus, the company provides resources for financial planning as well as high-quality instructional materials. 

Some of the most significant things you can’t do on E*TRADE are: trade internationally, trade in foreign currency, and trade in fractional shares.

When it comes to online brokerages, many people consider E-Trade to be the first of its kind. However, E-Trade has also kept up with the times by developing not one but two mobile applications. Along with market watching and trading stocks for all capitalisations, as well as ETFs, the E-Trade mobile app also allows users to deposit checks remotely. 

Power E-Trade, its other mobile app, simplifies order entry by letting you trade complicated options with a single ticket. A real-time news feed, stock quotations, and a fully customisable options chain are also included.

E-Trade is perfect for novices since it provides a wealth of learning resources, such as videos, articles, and live instruction sessions. More on this below… 

Simple Mobile Trading Apps

One 2023 Annual Review found that its mobile trading applications were among the best in the business. 

Regarding mobile trading apps, E*TRADE and Power E*TRADE Mobile are two of the best options. Trading stocks through the basic mobile app is recommended, whereas Power Trading options and futures on the go with E*TRADE Mobile.

When it comes to managing your portfolio, getting quotations, creating watch lists, doing market research, and trading on the go, you’re covered. Streaming and editable watchlists are available (requires a deposit of $1,000). 

Quotes, however, include not just standard but also complex charts, price alerts, headlines, and supplementary research like third-party reports. Bloomberg TV and simple stock, ETF, and mutual fund screeners are available on the go with E*TRADE Mobile (screeners are uncommon for mobile apps).

Even though it’s intended for expert traders, Power E*TRADE Mobile’s sleek interface and well-organized features make it a breeze. You may quickly and easily toggle between futures trading, complicated multi-legged options trading, and live streaming video from Bloomberg TV. 

One of the most sophisticated tools is called Live Action, and it allows you to use one of several preconfigured options screeners based on unusual activity, volatility, or technical patterns to uncover promising investment possibilities.

Verdict – Embraces Beginners… 💨

Because of its user-friendliness, the Power E*TRADE platform is a breeze to trade on. Technical pattern recognition is only one of several charting area features that may be easily implemented. To keep abreast of breaking news, you may open a live stream of Bloomberg TV from inside the site.

Twice weekly, webcasts provide users with real-time insight to help them better understand the markets. The client portal’s Knowledge area provides introductory materials including articles and videos on fundamentals like stock picking.


  • Instruments that are simple to use
  • Wide variety of possible investments
  • A+ service to the consumer
  • Superior app for mobile devices
  • Trading stocks, options, mutual funds, and ETFs with no transaction fees


  • Website design leaves a lot to be desired

6. TD Ameritrade – Next-Best Online Stock Broker for Beginner

The training offered by TD Ameritrade is unparalleled in the industry. It’s highly comprehensive (there’s something for everyone), but also quite well done.

I was particularly impressed with a live webinar for new traders in which the expert presenter not only greeted attendees by name but also recalled them from previous presentations. 

You may acquire fractional shares across broad indexes, however, unlike at competitor Fidelity, virtual portfolio trading is available. For the time being, at least; Charles Schwab acquired TD Ameritrade in 2020, and the two companies’ services are likely to be combined in the near future.

TD Ameritrade is helpful for newcomers to the financial industry because of the wealth of resources it provides. Learn the ropes with the help of over 200 lessons, videos, and other resources made available to new investors.

At TD Ameritrade, you may ask any investing-related inquiry without worrying about seeming “too simple”. You may also engage with the company through Facebook Messenger and Amazon Echo devices, among others.

Great Educational Resources 📚

At a mere three basis points, the Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund ETF is an index stalwart that provides. New investor education and support are important foci for TD Ameritrade. It provides a comprehensive online broker platform, particularly helpful for newcomers due to the wealth of educational materials available.

At TD Ameritrade, you may learn about the stock market and how to invest in various ways, including via live classes, online modules, written guides, and online presentations. Users’ engagement in courses, ranging from trend analysis and income investing to options trading, is maintained via the use of progress monitoring and gamified aspects.

TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platform is the best in the industry because it combines robust features with an intuitive interface. Thinkorswim has a comprehensive education hub that can be accessed from inside the program itself. 

It also has chat rooms where novices may talk to others and get advice from more experienced users. One such feature is a “paper trading account”, where users may “invest” virtual currency and monitor their returns for practice. There is a trading desk ready to answer your calls if you have any questions about how to use the platform.

Our evaluations also revealed that TD Ameritrade has top-notch support services. The majority of phone calls were returned within minutes, and emails were replied to within hours. Ted, the company’s chatbot, is always on hand to field inquiries, and customers may even connect with a real person if they prefer. 

Two Mobile Apps

TD Ameritrade has two mobile apps: TD Ameritrade Mobile is aimed at infrequent traders and investors, while thinkorswim Mobile caters to those who trade often and frequently make large trades. One can’t go wrong with either app.

When it comes to ease of use, both applications have a lot to offer and are excellent trading tools, but there is a little learning curve before you can fully use all of their features. The ability to personalise charts and choice chains is fantastic, but it does add a degree of complexity to using these tools. TD Ameritrade Mobile provides more analyst research and is simpler to utilise than thinkorswim mobile.

If you’re sick of waiting on hold for real people or getting irrelevant responses from chatbots, TD Ameritrade’s Ask Ted is your best bet. Ted provides timely, accurate results and is accessible everywhere inside TDA.

The TD Ameritrade Mobile app has a user-tailored home screen. The app is easy to use and has everything a potential investor may desire. Streaming and completely modifiable watch lists sync with your account. Meanwhile, PDF research studies accompany third-party ratings, and stock quotations include price alerts, news, and tidy charting. Trading is simple and straightforward.

Verdict – Extremely Good Tracking… 

TD Ameritrade has a wide variety of mutual funds, zero costs on online stock and ETF transactions, and a high-quality trading interface, making it an excellent choice for both experienced traders and newcomers to the market.

To get a foothold in the stock market, TD Ameritrade is your best option. With its high-quality educational system, it’s a no-brainer for newcomers.

The learning hub offers over 200 films that may be accessed as courses and quizzes, with the latter allowing for the monitoring of one’s development. Hundreds of webinars and instructional events are also delivered monthly, and content is regularly streamed on the TD Ameritrade Network.

ThinkMoney is a magazine and blog on the stock market published by TD Ameritrade. In conclusion, the thinkorswim Learning Center offers comprehensive training in technical analysis and associated topics, including the coding of bespoke indicators.

To better your relationship with money, I highly recommend the Talking Green podcast, of which there are six episodes. Trader Talks is a series of webcasts hosted by TD Ameritrade, with over a thousand episodes available on the company’s YouTube account.


  • Extensive and excellent learning materials
  • Trading systems that are both user-friendly and powerful
  • Service that can be counted on and staff that knows their stuff


  • A few costs are greater than the market average
  • Customer portal is a little antiquated

7. Fidelity Investments – Established Online Stock Broker for Beginners 🏛️

Fidelity online stock broker is also suitable for newcomers: It provides access to high-quality, independent research and a substantial investor education library with two mobile applications.

You’ll discover a user-friendly that permits trading in fractional shares of stocks and ETFs, where you can trade in commodities.

It also includes a special account for young people. Some newcomers to the stock market may overlook Fidelity’s “paper trading” function, which allows them to practice trading without really risking any cash.

This also includes ETFs with emerging BRICS economies… The fact that Fidelity is so easy to use makes it a high pick for first-time investors. This broker provides an exceptional level of service across the board, but particularly shines when it comes to answering customers’ questions over the phone (where they may get a thorough response in a matter of seconds).

This site has extensive research materials, including several reports. You will learn the fundamentals of investing as well as advanced strategies. 

Webinars, both live and on-demand, offer a wide range of investment topics, so you may quickly gain knowledge in the field. If you’re searching for anything specific, you won’t have trouble locating it on Fidelity’s website.

Solid Across the Board… 

For new investors, Fidelity Investments is a solid option across the board. Fidelity offers low commissions and fees, a plethora of learning tools, and reliable support, in my opinion.

Active Trader Pro is Fidelity’s premier trading platform since it has so many useful features and is simple to use. It has many predefined layouts, including a simple one that’s ideal for newcomers.

The News and Study part of the site provides excellent starting points. You can keep tabs on the stocks that interest you the most with the help of the handy watchlist feature, and you can even be notified by email or text message when specific conditions are met, such as when the price of a stock you’re following rises or falls by a particular amount or percentage. On that note… 

Pay Attention to ETFs and Mutual Funds!

Investors with little experience usually have no idea where to begin. Many people would rather not take the added risk of investing in only one or a few companies. 

Fidelity makes it simple for novice investors to choose mutual and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that meet their needs for low overhead, high returns, and diversified portfolios.

With Fidelity’s mutual fund screener, investors may sift through hundreds of funds, including the company’s own fee-free funds and those with minimal entry barriers. Equally useful is the ETF screener, which provides access to more than 2,000 commission-free ETFs that may be filtered by the user’s specific criteria.

With Fidelity’s fractional share trading, customers may buy and sell shares of over 7,000 stocks and ETFs for as little as $1. Beginners may obtain real-world trading experience in a low-risk environment by starting with a demo account.

Long-Term Planning with Fidelity… ☀️   

When it comes to investing services, from stock trading to retirement planning, Fidelity offers everything a client might want from a full-service brokerage.

Investors may now acquire a smaller piece of a share of stock rather than a whole share thanks to the introduction of fractional share trading. 

If a stock sells for $500 a share, a buyer can get a tenth of a share for $50. Fidelity’s carefully crafted order ticket and commitment to provide clients with the lowest-cost executions make it my go-to broker for trading fractional shares.

In addition to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, clients may also participate in overseas markets, where they can choose from 25 nations and 20 different currencies. 

Futures and currency trading are not available. Only Interactive Brokers, designed specifically for professionals, provides as much worldwide access as they do for international trading.

In terms of retirement services, Fidelity provides its clients with conventional, Roth, and rollover IRAs, as well as outstanding information and tools for retirement planning, all without any unnecessary fees.

Verdict – Well-Priced with Learning Resources and Retirement Planning 

BRICS+ rising countries are accessible through Fidelity’s zero percent trading fees, access to over 3,300 mutual funds with no transaction fees, and a suite of excellent trading and research tools. The fact that it offers fee-free index funds and has a stellar reputation for customer service is frosting on the cake. Extensive and excellent learning materials.

It also has a wide variety of learning resources available. Fidelity does a fantastic job at categorising content by expertise level, topic, and content type and structuring it into roadmaps with progress monitoring. Customers may access a variety of resources, including written articles, video tutorials, webinar recordings, infographic guides, audio recordings of lectures, and podcasts.

Finally, fidelity’s retirement planning instruction is exceptional. It has many internal calculators that may help you assess your financial health. Fidelity’s “Substantially Equal Periodic Payments/72(t) Calculator” will assist you in determining the most tax-efficient savings withdrawal amounts if you are under 59 years old, demonstrating the breadth of their resources beyond the standard “How much money will you have for retirement?” spreadsheets. 


  • No fees for buying and selling stocks, ETFs, or options
  • Numerous research facilities
  • Superior assistance
  • Capitalisation-weighted index funds
  • Outstanding mobile app


  • Commission for using a broker is rather pricey

8. Merrill Edge – Best Online Stock Brokers for Beginners Seeking Research

Merrill Edge’s Stock Stories and Fund Stories are excellent resources for anybody thinking about making a direct investment in a company or a group via mutual funds

The presenting style used by Merrill in his Stories is unique.

Merrill offers a wealth of resources, including research from Bank of America Securities and independent sources, at your disposal when you’re ready to go further than the “story”. Unfortunately, Merrill Edge does not support paper trading or trading with fractional shares.

Those interested in a high-end robo-advisor service may find Merrill Guided Investing to their liking. To begin, among robo-advisors it is unique in that it provides professionally managed investment portfolios crafted by the specialists at Merrill Lynch. 

Your automated investment portfolio will be managed by a renowned Wall Street veteran.

Try the Mobile App Before Committing… 

Also worth considering if you bank with Bank of America is Merrill Edge, also available to non-customers but requiring no minimum commitment. A Merrill adviser is available at more than 2,000 Bank of America branches, and funds may be transferred to your brokerage account instantly.

If you’re a bank client and investor, Merrill Edge’s mobile app makes it easy to make payments and trades from anywhere. More than just a trading platform, Merrill Edge also offers extensive information to inform your selections and a plethora of instructional resources to help you learn the ropes.

Unique Robo-Advisor Developed by Trading Veterans 🦿

In a departure from the standard robo-advisor, Bank of America’s Merrill Guided Investing provides clients with portfolios that are actively developed and managed by the firm’s renowned wealth management arm, Merrill. 

In addition to Merrill financial advisers, users get access to the higher minimum balance threshold. This kind of investment expertise, however, does not come cheap; Merrill Guided Investing has above-average yearly costs.

To supplement your current Merrill or Bank of America account, you may want to investigate Merrill Guided Investing. Having all of your financial ducks in a row under one roof may simplify your life.

In addition, individuals with a minimum of $20,000 to invest who would also desire access to a financial counsellor may find the platform worthwhile. Although it comes at an additional cost, Merrill’s financial advisors can help you stay on track with your retirement, college savings, and other investment objectives via one-on-one consultations.

When determining the asset allocation of your portfolio, the platform will also take into consideration any external accounts you have connected to it.

In spite of these benefits, real novices may be put off by Merrill Guided Investing’s hefty minimums and uncompetitive yearly management costs. The thousand dollar minimum is comparable to other robo-advisors, but the 0.45% management charge is pricey.

A minimum deposit of $20,000 and an annual fee of 0.85% are required to have access to a financial counsellor, making it one of the most costly robo-advisors I looked at.

Verdict – Seamless and Intelligent Integrations for all Levels of Finance – Human Rebalancing 

Customer service, research, and costs are all top-notch at Merrill Edge. Customers of Bank of America, the parent firm, will appreciate the smooth and intelligent integration that allows them to use the same login credentials for both services.

In comparison to other robo-advisors, Merrill Guided Investing has a novel strategy. Investment managers, unlike their rivals, actively participate in both the creation of your original asset allocation and the implementation of any subsequent tactical adjustments to that allocation.

No consistent timetable is used to rebalance portfolios. Instead, they are actively managed by Merrill professionals who will adjust your allocation depending on the state of the market and the possibilities it presents.

You may need to rebalance your portfolio if you make a large deposit or withdrawal, or if your allocation percentages change outside of your comfortable range. Users do regular reviews to ensure their investments continue to advance them towards their objectives. If there are any modifications to the portfolio they’ve advised for you, and they’ll ask for your approval before making the necessary adjustments.

You may pick between a market-tracking method and a sustainable-investing plan for your portfolio. Your funds will be invested in passive funds that mirror broad market indices, as per the market strategy. 

A sustainability portfolio consists mostly of exchange-traded funds that invest in similar markets, with the addition of a small number of mutual funds with an ESG emphasis.

Top Tip ★: The ability to use tax losses is not a capability that is currently offered. Users interested in a tax-loss harvesting robo-advisor might go to either Personal Capital or Wealthfront.


  • Robust third-party research
  • Integrated with Bank of America
  • Good selection of beginner stocks


  • Advanced traders may find fewer securities on offer

9. Charles Schwab – Strong Range of Online Offerings for New Stock Traders

Charles Schwab, like the other recommended broker options above, is an excellent all-around option for casual investors.

Why? Unlike our next entry, Robinhood, it emphasises a cautious approach to investing over the long run.

The costs at Charles Schwab are among the most reasonable in the industry, the platform is robust, and the resources available to clients are among the best available. Schwab was one of the top candidates for best brokers for novices, and it ultimately won out from its superior customer service.

The Schwab customer interface is well organised, and it’s nice to have contact information for the company’s helpful customer service team clearly displayed everywhere.

In our tests, we found that phone enquiries were answered in under a minute. The live chat agents at Schwab responded quickly and helpfully. Customer service agents are highly trained experts in their field. 

Clients can visit any of Schwab’s convenient branches around Australia to speak with a financial advisor in person.

Why Use Charles Schwab? ⛰️

The pioneering discount broker Charles Schwab has successfully transitioned to the internet broker space. Schwab is one of the most user-friendly investment platforms available, with a wide variety of tools that may assist you in your development as an investor, from beginner to pro.

Schwab’s ETF screener will aid you in your hunt for a profitable fund, and the broker’s stock reports, Morningstar reports, and Reuters headlines are all available. If you’re just starting out in the world of investing, Schwab also has excellent resources for you to learn the ropes.

With a robust mobile app, you can do almost every function available on the computer version. As a newcomer, you’ll like the helpful tools that Schwab provides. 

Using a friend’s referral code, you may get a bonus of up to $1,000 when you make a deposit. For new accounts filled with at least $50 within 30 days of opening, Schwab Stock Slices, the broker’s fractional shares offering, will automatically invest $101 in the five largest market capitalisation companies in the S&P 500.

How it Measures Up as a Top Online Stock Broker for Beginners… 

For new investors trying out internet trading, Charles Schwab is a popular choice. 

Both a simple web-based interface and a more robust desktop platform, aimed at professional active traders, are available. They separate out from other online brokerages because of their first-rate client service and extensive in-house research, which includes an investment grading system developed by them.

There are certain drawbacks to using this online broker. To my knowledge, Charles Schwab does not facilitate trading in cryptocurrencies or FX

Futures trading (futures trading explained) requires a separate platform login, which adds another step to the process. Last but not least, some traders may find it inconvenient to spend time tailoring the desktop trading interface to their needs.

Still, Charles Schwab has a lot to offer, making it a fantastic option for investors. It is possible to build up a trading environment that would wow even the most dedicated day traders utilising the tools provided by this company.

Verdict – Powerful Online Stock Trading App with Pristine Mutual Fund for Amateurs… 

Schwab provides an unparalleled level of service to its clientele by way of its adaptable trading platform, local branch assistance, and round-the-clock phone and email support teams. 

The fact that Charles Schwab topped both ⭐ Forbes Advisor’s best online broker and best online broker for beginners lists for customer care is no fluke. Overall, this online broker has a lot to offer investors of all experience levels.

The extensive list of investable assets offered by Charles Schwab includes: stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, options, futures, penny stocks, fractional shares of S&P 500 equities, and more. 

The Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource initiative, through which the company offers hundreds of mutual funds with no upfront sales charges, is the company’s crowning achievement.

Charles Schwab provides a wide variety of international investment opportunities for those interested in non-U.S. stocks, including access to over 30 international marketplaces for trading equities and the ability to trade in seven different currencies across 13 countries.

Charles Schwab offers cash management services that allow you to earn interest on your uninvested amount and gives access to financial consultants, including in-person help at any of their 300 locations nationwide.

Only in a handful of areas did they fall short: they don’t provide FX trading or direct investing in cryptocurrency. However, customers may get some exposure by trading Bitcoin futures or purchasing shares in Grayscale and other cryptocurrency-focused investment trusts.


  • Robust trading environment with adaptable features
  • Analysis of the market and extensive study by Charles Schwab
  • Superior help for customers through phone and real-time chat
  • Local service via a system of branches around the country


  • Getting through to live help requires navigating a “phone tree”
  • Currently, there are no tradable cryptocurrency assets
  • There is no paper trading system
  • The margins aren’t great, to put it mildly
  • Purchased customer leads

10. Robinhood 🎯 – Popular Online Stock App with Millennials 

The informative articles on Robinhood are a pleasure to read, and the app itself is a breeze to use. But in today’s brokerage industry, where firms vie for your business, there are other, more attractive possibilities.

Trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, funds, options, and more with Robinhood. However, Robinhood does not yet provide trading in bonds, mutual funds, or futures.

Regarding digital currencies, Robinhood excels. Trading in any of the nineteen supported cryptocurrencies is free of all markups, fees, and commissions. Rather, it profits on the sale of order flow. An uncommon feature among brokers, Robinhood also facilitates cryptocurrency transactions.

Commission-Free Trading… 

Robinhood’s goal is to “democratise finance for everybody” by lowering barriers to entry in the financial markets. As one of the most streamlined and user-friendly mobile investment platforms, the Robinhood app lives up to its hype.

The Robinhood app has a clean interface that is packed with helpful tools. Users can keep up with what’s happening in the world with the aid of handy lists like “100 most popular”, “top movers”, and “upcoming events”. The app includes access to news articles from reputable sources including Barron’s, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal.

In December 2019, Robinhood added the ability to buy fractional shares and reinvest dividends automatically. Robinhood facilitates trading in fractional shares by giving you the option to purchase stock either by the number of shares or by the dollar amount.

The daily Robinhood Snacks email and podcast, which provide financial news in easily digestible bits, are great features for novice users. A Robinhood Gold membership, which costs $5 per month, grants access to Morningstar Research Reports.

Sunny Prospect for Newcomers to Trading ☀️   

Anyone just starting out in the market and wanting to reduce their expenses to a minimum may find Robinhood fun and appealing. All stock, ETF, option, and cryptocurrency trades may be made using the app without paying a fee. You can start investing without a tonne of capital thanks to the availability of fractional shares.

The user-friendly mobile app allows you to trade or monitor your portfolio from almost anywhere. Likewise, Robinhood has made strides to enhance its customer service, and now provides chat and phone help around the clock.

Is Robinhood Right for You?

Robinhood’s simple interface and minimal costs make it an attractive option for first-time investors.

But here’s where Robinhood falls short: With this, trading is so simple that it might be considered a game. Because of this, active trading, or the fast purchasing and selling of stocks for profit, is common.

Experts advise that practically all investors should purchase and hold low-cost index funds rather than actively trading due to the high risk and high potential for loss associated with active trading in complicated instruments like Australian REITs

Additionally, Robinhood lacks several of the beginner-friendly teaching tools provided by the leading online brokers.

To sum up, investment should not be treated as a trivial game.

Verdict – Use Sensibly… 🗿

Robinhood’s account minimum is also zero dollars, and it’s possible to make free trades in stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. Only taxable investment accounts are provided, and neither bonds nor mutual funds are accessible. 

Even so, Robinhood is a great option if you’re trying to save money or get into the cryptocurrency trading market.

Because of its user-friendly trading software, Robinhood has quickly risen to become one of the most popular brokerages in the United States. 

While Robinhood’s laid-back attitude may appeal to certain traders, caution should be used when using this or any other trading platform that treats the market like a game. The platform may lack the capabilities and resources needed by more experienced investors.


  • There is no base membership requirement
  • Less complicated user interface
  • Swapping digital currencies for fiat
  • Inspiring and entertaining podcast and email
  • Equity trading with fractional shares


  • Not even bonds or mutual funds
  • Minimal assistance for customers
  • In 2019, authorities imposed fines
  • There aren’t many free resources available for study
  • Not enough help is available over the phone

11. Interactive Brokers IBKR Lite – Specialised Online Stock Broker for Beginners

For many years now, Interactive Brokers, which we’ve reviewed, has dominated the online brokerage industry. 

Their cutting-edge trading platform placed it at the top of many best online broker and best day trading broker lists.

Interactive Brokers shines as a great alternative, despite the fact that its flagship IBKR Pro platform might be daunting for newcomers. This is especially true when taken in conjunction with the company’s streamlined mobile and web-based solutions.

It’s also our Cheapest Stock Broker Winner

Thomas Peterffy founded Interactive Brokers in 1977 when he purchased a seat on the US Stock Exchange. 

Today, Interactive Brokers is one of the biggest electronic dealers in the world, processing millions of deals every day. Interactive Brokers is a global financial services firm with headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut and regional operations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. It is now a Nasdaq-listed public firm with approximately 2,100 workers.

Excellent for Monitoring and Managing… 📊

Interactive Brokers is the best option for aggressive traders, day traders, and any serious investor. Its main product, the IB Trader workstation, is widely regarded as one of the best tools available for monitoring and managing investment portfolios.

We found that Interactive Brokers’ fees and costs were among the lowest in the online broker industry, and that their margin trading rates were the lowest as well. It providea investors with access to foreign markets in 33 countries and a diverse selection of investment options, including almost all major asset classes. Serious investors should have a positive experience here and discover practically everything they need.

Interactive Brokers provides enticing advantages for novice and infrequent traders as well. Trades in U.S.-based equities, ETFs, and mutual funds are offered without commission on the IBKR Lite platform, making it more accessible to novice investors. 

Though it lacks some of the functionality of the desktop IB Trader Workstation, the web and mobile platforms from Interactive Brokers are far simpler and more user-friendly. The intelligent assistant from Interactive Brokers may assist with both inquiries and transactions.

However, the IB Trader Workstation on Interactive Brokers may be particularly daunting for novices. The sheer number of options makes it hard to know where to start. It does provide a demo and several videos to assist, but those who want to start trading with the least amount of hassle may find other platforms more suitable.

What are Its Biggest Beginner Selling-Points? 🦅

Throughout my research, I found that Interactive Brokers adhered to its reputation for having very low commissions and costs

It has two primary products, IBKR Pro and IBKR Lite. The unrestricted commission-free trading of U.S. equities, ETFs, and some mutual funds is just one way IBKR Lite caters to individual, recreational investors.

IBKR Pro, on the other hand, levies commissions from its professional and institutional clientele and provides both flat and tiered pricing structures. Stock transactions under the fixed pricing scheme cost $0.005 per share, with a $1 minimum and 1% maximum of the entire deal value. 

Those that make a lot of transactions each month have the option of switching to the firm’s tiered pricing scheme, which offers a sliding scale of fees based on trading activity. Option, bond, currency, and mutual fund trades all employ either a flat rate or a tiered fee structure from Interactive Brokers.

Out of all the online brokers I looked at, Interactive Brokers has the most reasonable margin prices. Every amount of margin transaction is financed for 2.6% for IBKR Lite. Margin rates for IBKR Pro customers are considerably better, ranging from 0.75% to 1.6% according to how much is borrowed, with reduced premiums for bigger transactions.

Other account costs, such as a small $10 charge for outbound transfers, are equally cheap. Low-balance accounts that are inactive for an extended period of time may also incur fines. It doesn’t have the typical costs that you’d see at other brokers, such those for reorganising securities or redeeming mutual funds.

However, IBKR Lite customers may be compensated for order flow via Interactive Brokers. A broker may get compensation for order flow if he or she sells information about trading patterns to market makers who may then use that data to their advantage before your orders are executed. 

IBKR Pro members may rest certain that their transactions will be executed quickly and competitively, whereas IBKR Lite users who are still recovering from COVID lockdowns can opt out of paying commissions but may find themselves at a disadvantage.

Get Set Up Without Hassle 

It provides a streamlined gateway that can be used from the site without the need for any further downloads. Using this streamlined interface, you may more quickly and easily execute transactions, monitor your holdings, and see vital statistics like your net liquidation value. It’s not as feature-rich as the desktop version, but you can still keep up with market news and use certain technical analysis charts, although with fewer data sets.

At last, there is IBKR Mobile, which is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The majority of the functionality seen in the online service is present, albeit it still falls short of the desktop version. Meanwhile, its mobile version provides users with in-app access to the same set of tools for market analysis and trading as the desktop version.

When you need more help with your trades, you may use IBot, an AI tool from Interactive Brokers. If you input a question, it uses a predictive algorithm to provide logical continuations, such as asking whether you want to make a transaction.

Verdict – Deep Access and Realiable Trading 

Of the services I looked for, Interactive Brokers did well. As part of our due diligence, I was able to find practically every investment option with it. 

You may acquire less than a complete share of stock if that’s more within your price range, since it provides fractional share trading. Interactive Brokers’ access to marketplaces in 33 countries is one thing that sets it apart.

Trading frequently? Consider Interactive Brokers’ IBKR Lite, which provides access to foreign markets, free stock trades, and a reliable platform.


  • Quite a few investing options available
  • Powerful analytical methods and software
  • More than 18,000 mutual funds


  • Website design is poor and causes frustration

12. Webull – Top Online Stock Brokers for Beginners for Social Communities 🏨

Although Webull isn’t as well-known as Robinhood, it nonetheless offers a trading experience that newcomers should find helpful.

It does not directly charge a fee on cryptocurrency transactions and does not impose commissions on stock, ETF, or option trading on various exchanges like the NASDAQ and FTSE-100. 

The mobile app is straightforward and makes it simple to maintain a routine even while you’re on the run. While Webull’s costs are competitively inexpensive without sacrificing access to powerful trading tools. It’s a cheap brokerage, but it may not be the ideal option for those just starting out.

Webull introduced trading in fractional shares in 2021, allowing investors to begin purchasing stocks and ETFs for as little as $5. Educational materials are also provided for those who are new to investing and want to grasp the fundamentals of the financial markets.

Strong User Community but Mediocre Lessons… 🏘️

You’re thrown into the mix with the Webull innovative brokerage platform. 

It’s focused on mobile use and user community. The app’s focus on user friendliness makes it ideal for newcomers to the investment industry.  

However, Webull’s platform isn’t great for learning since it has few resources and mediocre support. In the meantime, the app may be less beneficial to seasoned traders since it doesn’t provide access to a wide variety of assets.

Webull’s only mission is to provide novice investors with convenient mobile brokerage software that facilitates the purchase of stocks, cryptocurrencies, and options. It does this by integrating a robust user community into the core of the platform. Imagine it as an internal Twitter where you can ask questions and get answers related to trading.

Webull is clearly targeting novice investors as Robinhood does, both in terms of platform design and marketing. In addition, our research shows that the Webull platform provides more tools than Robinhood does, such as pensions, watch lists, notifications, screeners, paper trading, and sophisticated charting.

However, Webull does have some significant downsides. Although the Webull community is a great resource, it lacks the depth of the top online brokers for beginners’ instructional resources, forcing rookie investors to go elsewhere to supplement their knowledge. Webull does not allow you to trade in mutual funds, bonds, futures, or foreign currency. The service that is provided to customers is likewise below average.

Nevertheless, Webull offers 11 different cryptocurrencies, with plans to add more in the near future, and has reasonable fee rates for crypto trading, especially since it is aimed at beginners. Users should be aware that the site is not ideal for professional cryptocurrency traders since there is no easy method to withdraw their currencies.

We believe that Webull may be most beneficial to intermediate investors, that is, those with some trading experience who value the convenience of a mobile-first brokerage platform but are dissatisfied with Robinhood’s restrictions. However, the sophisticated tools provided by the finest online brokers may be more appropriate for intermediate investors.

Great Mobile Use that Incorporates Social Media… 

The Webull mobile app shines in both aesthetics and use. New investors won’t be overwhelmed by the abundance of charts, graphs, and data sources thanks to the clean, simple design.

Webull is a platform that has both a web-based and a downloaded desktop version in addition to its amazing mobile app. There is a high degree of consistency between the two systems’ user interfaces, making them very intuitive and straightforward to use.

Webull has two levels of market data for its subscribers to choose from. Level 1 trade data, including highest bid information, is available to all users. The depth of the bid/ask spread for a security is shown in Level 2 data. Level 2 data is free for the first three months for new customers, and thereafter costs $1.99 per month.

It’s the Webull community that makes Webull stand out from other social media sites. The community operates much as a private Twitter feed would, with users able to discuss market news and particular stocks, as well as publish comments to price fluctuations.

Users of Webull are incentivised to speculate on the direction of stock prices by the granting of “Webull points” to those who are most accurate in their forecasts. Users may utilise their accumulated Webull points to enter paper trading contests, where they will create fictitious portfolios in the hopes of winning real cash prizes. 

Users are kept interested in the platform without being compelled to actively trade thanks to this gamification and social media twist.

Verdict – Overall Strong Mobile-First Features… 

Webull’s sleek interface for desktop and mobile applications will attract the mobile-first generation of casual investors, and the brokerage also provides an amazing set of tools for aggressive traders. However, it lacks access to a few major asset classes and has rather minimal teaching material, which may leave real novices high and dry.

Perhaps you should go elsewhere for a broker if you are a complete novice or if you have not started putting together a diverse, long-term investment strategy. 

Webull may be a suitable choice, particularly given its cheap cost in comparison to other brokers providing comparable services, if you have intermediate trading experience, are interested in active trading, or want to enhance your trading abilities via advanced orders and trend analysis.


  • Powerful mobile app with polished UI
  • No registration fees required
  • Trades may be made on paper
  • Free stock options for new investors
  • Eleven distinct crypto options
  • Connecting and chatting with other users is easy
  • Webull’s vibrant user community


  • No trading stocks, bonds, futures, FX
  • Bad phone service, no real-time chat
  • Scarcity of available learning materials
  • Weak available research

Favourite Online Stock Brokers Beginners in 2024 – Trader’s & Investor’s Buying Guide

The top online stock brokers for beginners of the year have been released, so this seems like a good moment to discuss the sector as a whole.

Many of the companies you’ll gain access to are market mainstays known as blue chips, making investing in them a safer bet than in some other businesses. Investigate dividends to determine whether they may help you increase your income.

You never know who’s swimming naked until the tide goes out. Warren Buffett (Source)

What are Stock Brokers? 🌞


You will need the services of a stock broker if you want to buy or sell stocks or other assets on the stock markets. Before investors could trade stocks directly, they had to rely on stock brokers to conduct transactions on their behalf.

What used to take minutes and cost a lot of money owing to the landline telephone can now be done in seconds by using an online stock broker. The overall cost of utilising such brokers is a fraction of what it used to be for full-service brokers, and many online brokerage accounts, such as the ones mentioned below, provide commission-free stock transactions. They were chosen in part because their account fees are so low.

Further: 📚: How Stocks Work

An Overview of Trading Apps: What to Look for 

Below, I have compiled a checklist of considerations that you should make before signing up for a trading platform in order to assist you in choosing the most suitable trading app for your needs. Have a look, shall we?

Ease of Use of Platforms

Finding trading software with a straightforward UI is essential. Keep an eye out for platforms that attempt to conceal vital details, such as withdrawal costs, that should be made clear to users upfront. Any trading broker should be transparent about crucial information with its users. In addition, it must take no more than 5 minutes to set up the account, unless it’s slower-moving like Vanguard because it’s there to be stable not fast!

Security and Norms

Check the rules of the trading platform to ensure that your information and funds are safe. If you’re looking for a trustworthy stock trading app in Australia, one feature to look for is a list of the agencies that have authorised and regulated the company. The use of privacy features like two-factor authentication, data encryption, firewalls, and a minimum of two independently operating, but synchronised servers are also recommended.


The breadth of assets tradable via the app is also crucial. It’s likely that you’ll also wish to trade exchange-traded funds, commodities, and investment trusts (ITFs). If you think you could alter your mind in the future, it’s a good idea to check the trading platform to see what kinds of assets are available.

Investment Platform Charges

Most trading platforms will charge you a fee, either monthly or annually, although the amounts might vary widely. Some offer a flat rate, as little as $3 per trade, while others scale their rates with the value of your portfolio. Deposit requirements might range from zero to $500, so you can find a suitable app whether you have a little or large bankroll.

Charges for Investing

Most trading programs will charge a fee for converting your currency. A loss of resources will be incurred on every deal, even though the total may not seem too awful at first. Additionally, be wary of the commission rates charged by any brokerage services you may use.

Helping Out Customers

It’s possible that if you’re confident in your trading abilities, customer service won’t be a decisive factor when selecting trading software. However, as a newbie, you will likely have a lot of questions, and not having access to helpful customer care at all hours will be a major setback.

Guide 📙: Investing in the ASX

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. Warren Buffett (Source)

What Else Should Beginners Pay Attention to?

While some people invest in order to generate money, others do it in order to build or secure their financial position. Choose a broker that can help you achieve your financial goals by taking those goals into account.

Especially for the markets that mean the most to you, you should pay particular attention to commissions and costs. If you are a long-term investor or a frequent trader, you should think about whether or not the broker’s available technology suits your investment preferences.

A reliable broker serves as much more than just a trading platform. To grow as an investor and make sound financial choices, it is important to work with a broker who can provide you with access to high-quality research and educational resources.

Last but not least, don’t discount the significance of real-time communication with customer service agents. Some brokers put a premium on customer service, providing round-the-clock access to human beings through phone and online chat.

Still, others would rather put their attention where it belongs: on their technology, which is why they provide no phone support and instead rely on email and text chat.


The two greatest adversaries of the equity fund investor are fees and emotions.

Several areas are important while deciding on a stock trading software for novices. Considerable a mutual or exchange-traded fund, with a small initial outlay of capital.

It can be wise to look for something with easy access to relevant resources, and helpful service staff. As a result of the reduced risk and increased potential for learning, novices may benefit from using stock trading software that meets these criteria.

Best Vanguard ETFs in 2024 📙 – FAQs

What is the finest Australian stock trading broker for novices?

Because of its low entry barrier of just $50, eToro is a strong contender for the title of best stock trading software for beginners. Furthermore, they have a zero-commission policy that new traders would like.

What is the top Australian stock market app feature?

If a demo account is offered, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of it before committing to a stock market app. That way, you may test the app’s functionality by engaging in hypothetical trading.

What is the best way for a novice to start trading stocks like an Aussie?

Australians employ a variety of trading applications when first getting into the market. Knowledge of self is the best place to begin. If you’re interested in learning more about the applications I considered for the “Best Stock Trading App for Beginners in Australia” category, feel free to scroll ahead and check them out.

What is an online broker?

A lot of people seem confused about what exactly an online brokerage account is.

An online brokerage account is a kind of trading account where investors may buy and sell stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds through the internet. Online brokers allow investors to trade on their own behalf, unlike conventional financial advisors, and frequently at no cost to the investor.

How much do I need to get started with an online brokerage account?

Small sums of money are sufficient to start an online brokerage account. The vast majority of the brokers I include here do not ask for any kind of opening deposit from their clients.

Can you tell me the procedure for establishing a virtual trading account?

Opening an account with an online broker may be done in a variety of ways, but is often done digitally. Get familiar with the broker’s procedure by reading up on it on their website beforehand. You will be asked for basic personal information as well as specifics about your investment background and aims.

If I wanted to invest online, what sort of broker would you recommend?

While I don’t give financial advice, when working with an online broker, you have the option of opening many different types of accounts. An individual retirement account (IRA) is one kind of tax-advantaged account that might be useful if you want to accumulate money for later use.

However, if you are saving for something more immediate, like a down payment on a home, then a taxable account that allows you withdrawals at any time may be sufficient.

What’s better, a checking account or a margin account?

It’s possible to create either a cash or a margin account when you sign up for a new account. Margin accounts function similarly to credit cards in that they expand your purchasing power, allowing you to acquire more assets than you could with the funds already in your account alone.

Investing on margin may increase profits, but it can also increase losses. If you’re a novice investor, it’s probably best to stay with a simple cash account, such as a debit card, that restricts your spending to the amount of money you have on hand.

Exactly what is a “paper trading account”?

In contrast to real-money trading accounts, paper trading accounts are used for simulation purposes only. Instead, investors may use paper trading accounts, which use real-world market data and enable them to conduct fictitious transactions to simulate the outcomes of genuine investments.

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